WWE 205Live Review, 15/8/17

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By Mark Worrall @hoohoowozza

Unfortunately of late, time constraints have led me unable to keep up with 205 Live and reviewing the product, however I am determined to get back on track and found myself able to watch the latest episode and even put up a review. Of course the WWE in their wisdom decide to have a title change on Monday Night Raw and not the actual WWE Network Cruiserweight show that is centred around highlighting the Cruiserweight Division and an uninterested Raw crowd saw Akira Tozawa, surprisingly considering that Tozawa has a match with Neville at Summerslam, defeat the King to become the new Cruiserweight Champion. How easy it would be to give 205 Live a lift and have a title change on that show, or consider moving the title match off the damn pre-show at Summerslam and move it to the main card and really highlight the 205 product! Of course this is WWE and they do things how they want which is fine, it is their company, however I cannot help thinking they are screwing around with the Cruiserweights again and consider them after thoughts! However, some of us actually enjoy 205 Live and would like to see a match such as Tozawa and Neville, who have such a big past from their Dragongate days highlighted on the main show. Anyway it is what it is and the show starts with a recap of how Tozawa won the belt.


With Nese defeating both Alexander and Metalik in recent weeks, Drew Gulak suggests that he himself should team up with Nese to face Alexander and Metalik in a tag match that opened up tonight’s 205 Live with a great match that saw Gran Metalik asking questions of why he is not used like he should be as he simply stole the show producing an outstanding performance that both Nese and Gulak simply could not compete with. Nothing seem to stop Metalik, even a shoulder barge from Gulak, halting Metalik for a split second who continued to dominate the offence even hitting a huge moonsault off the top rope to the outside which saw Alexander follow with a dive on Nese. Metalik may have hit one move too many as Nese gained some moderate control nailing Metalik with a gutbuster. Although Nese and Gulak did form some offence, it was not long before Gulak succumbed to the ‘Lumber Check’ as Alexander and Metalik ran out winners. Great match with Gran Metalik over performing and showcasing what 205 Live is really all about!

We next see a clip of Noam Dar, Lince Dorada and Ariya Daivari discussing Neville’s recent defeat and loss of the Cruiserweight title with Dar calling Neville a ‘Dafty’ and Daivari declaring he was glad the king lost his crown, all three quickly exit when an upset and irate Neville enters the scene!

Titus O’Neill is seen talking on his phone, excitedly planning the big Titus worldwide celebration at the end of the show.


Apparently Kendrick has become a nervous wreck whenever Jack Gallagher is around, he makes his entrance, checking under the ring and his eyes are everywhere other than his opponent Ali who takes an early advantage of Kendrick’s unusual behaviour by planting a drop kick on Kendrick and follows up with a high moonsault from the top turn pad that awards Ali a near fall. Kendrick manages to kick the rope whilst Ali is perched on top that sees Ali fall into the Captain’s Hook submission hold and Kendrick actually seems to become focused as Ali desperately clambers for the bottom rope. Kendrick’s aggression takes over as he sends Ali to the ring floor locking his foot into the steel steps and kicking the steps until Gallagher makes an appearance which once again sees a nervous Kendrick legging it through the crowd! Having missed several weeks I am not fully versed here, however I get the picture with Kendrick somewhat nervous of Gallagher and in a scene later on in the show, Kendrick decides that the only way he can keep up with Gallagher is to challenge him to a duel next week! Of course, the portrayal of an English man is to offer duels, let’s hope Gallagher is dressed in full suit and Bowler hat next week!

Rich Swann is seen in an interview and he is asked his thoughts on the upcoming rubber match against his friend TJP! Swann responds suggesting after TJP danced after his victory last week that he too can do a better victory dance this week! Ariya Daivari interrupts stating that he is replacing TJP this week for reasons he does not know of, he suggests to Swann that he puts friendships aside when it comes to wrestling, and not to be concerned about friends and be more concerned about what is happening to him.


So a supposed last minute replacement in Daivari for Swann who dominates early getting the better of Daivari, and so he should until an opportunity ringside allows Daivari to throw Swann onto the apron turning the way of the match into his favour as he tries to force Swann to submit to a full nelson that he has held on Swann for some time until Swann can somehow find an escape that enables him to unleash with Daivari also missing a splash that sets up Swann to hit a kick and prepare himself to hit his 450 splash finisher until the music of TJP interrupts and we see TJP himself standing on the apron resting on crutches. This interruption allows Daivari to pull Swann from the top securing a hammer lock and nailing a big Lariat on Swann and getting a big win! Nothing match with the purpose of Swann and TJP rivalry gaining some momentum, a win for Daivari means very little here.


Titus introduces the man that made history on Raw by beating Neville for the title as Akira Tozawa makes his way to the ring. Tozawa declares that the victory for the Cruiserweight title was a very important moment for him and his big dream for many years. Titus drinking from a champagne bottle interrupts Tozawa, stating that Titus Worldwide like to have fun and Titus continues to thank Tozawa for being part of the Titus brand. Neville interrupts the celebration telling the on looking crowd that he is gutted to have lost the title that he made prestigious, that he brought honour to that title. That at Summerslam this will be rectified as a countdown clock appears on screen with Neville declaring that Tozawa has 114 hours to savour the belt as when the countdown ends, so will Tozawa! Titus tells Neville that he basically looks a mess, this sees Neville make a lunge into the ring only to be second best as Tozawa sends Neville into the barricades to begin with and finishes by flipping an irate, and desperate looking former champion out of the ring and finishes off by hitting a diving headbutt. 205 Live ends with Tozawa aloft the shoulders of O’Neill holding high his championship belt!

Having not seen 205 Live for several weeks I found myself getting back into the show with considerable ease and really enjoyed the show. The opener was great, well more Gran Metalik who showcased just why 205 Live really need to release the chain from around his neck and let him become a major part of the Cruiserweights. This Sunday at Summerslam will be a chance for Neville and Tozawa to relive their Dragongate days and put on an exhibition on the WWE’s second biggest show of the year, shame it has to be the kickoff though!!

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