Summerslam Memories, CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames

Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk

Summerslam 2013


The Build  

After a long deliberation I finally settled with this modern classic from 2013, taking place at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, CM Punk and Brock Lesnar went to war. Rumoured since Lesnar’s WWE return the previous year and Punk’s history making WWE title reign, this had dream match written all over it. The seeds leading to this match were sown at WWE Payback two months prior with Punk’s triumphant return, he returned in his hometown of Chicago to the behest of Paul Heyman. He successfully defeated Chris Jericho, at Payback the following night on Raw he informed his friend and trusted ally Paul Heyman that he would be going it alone from. Heyman was at first courteous to the demand of Punk, however over the next two months his feelings towards Punk changed when his offers of help were rebuffed. In July at Money in the Bank events truly went south as Heyman cost Punk his opportunity at winning the briefcase, the following night on Raw Heyman had his ‘Beast’ Brock Lesnar savagely attack Punk. This act set in motion the match at Summerslam.

The Match  

This match was worthy of being the main event, however alongside John Cena and Daniel Bryan’s WWE Title match this was a superb semi-final. There was a great anticipation before the contestants made their way to the ring; the audience were at fever pitch as two of WWE’s biggest acts got ready to collide. Brock received a full heel response from the crowd, looking back now this may be the last time Lesnar was given that kind of treatment from a live audience. In contrast Punk received a hero’s welcome, as “Cult of Personality” filled the arena the fans rose to their feet, it truly was clobbering time. Once the bell the action was fast and furious, Brock muscled himself into the lead, but Punk battled back as he attempted to out manoeuvre the bigger, stronger Lesnar. In my honest opinion, this was Brock Lesnar last great competitive wrestling match; there was no multiple Suplexes, no full domination, just a great wrestling match. Paul Heyman provided the distraction outside, representing Brock Lesnar, he made his job to try and take Punk’s attention away from the ‘Beast’. After Brock’s strong start Punk rallied and managed to get his opponent reeling, however the former UFC Heavyweight Champion flattened Punk with a solid lariat which just looked painful. On the outside Lesnar rag-dolled Punk all over the place, cleaning throwing him over both announce tables; Punk really sold for the art of wrestling in this contest. Back in the ring there was a lovely sequence where Brock countered the GTS into the Kimura Lock, Punk then revered into an Armbar before transferring into a Triangle Choke, Lesnar feigned tapping out but finally powered out into a huge Running Powerbomb. Momentum shifted again as CM Punk battered Lesnar with a chair, Brock hit back with three Suplexes before Punk caught him with a low blow, Heyman was irate at ringside. Punk hoisted up Brock for the GTS, 1, 2….Paul Heyman jumped the ropes and broke the pin; the audience were convinced Punk had this won. Brock recovered and lifted up Punk, another reversal into a DDT and Brock was grounded, Punk applied the Anaconda Vice but again, Heyman interfered. Punk then applied it to Heyman, a thunderous chair shot came down on Punk as Brock wielded the steel object, and he again struck Punk before lifting him onto his shoulders. Brock signalled it was the end as he dropped Punk with the F5 on the chair for the big win. This was simply a twenty-five-minute modern classic, quite an underrated contest in my opinion and worth checking out.

SummerSlam 2013

Randy Orton def. WWE Champion Daniel Bryan 

Daniel Bryan def. WWE Champion John Cena

Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn def. Big E Langston & AJ Lee

Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman def. CM Punk

Natalya def. Brie Bella 

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio def. Christian

Cody Rhodes def. Damien Sandow

Bray Wyatt def. Kane (Ring of Fire Match)

Rob Van Dam def. United States Champion Dean Ambrose via disqualification (SummerSlam Kickoff Match)

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