Saturday Spotlight #22 Tommy End/Chris Hero vs Johnny Gargano/Drew Galloway EVOLVE 55

By Ciaran-James @TheCiaranJames 

The “Saturday Spotlight” is a new weekly piece looking at the amazing, wacky world of professional wrestling.

On January 24th 2016 now WWE/NXT talent took part in the final to crown the first EVOLVE Tag Team Champions. In the 18 months since all four men went on to arguably have the best runs of their careers in the respective promotions they worked in. With Tommy End (Aleister Black) now heading into a NXT Brookly match with Hideo Itami and Drew Galloway (Drew McIntrye) challenging Bobby Roode for the NXT Championsip, their futures are bright. Before Summerslam weekend, sit back and enjoy this evolve classic!


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