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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Impact is ready to begin and right off the bat we have LAX and VOW beating the hell out of each other. Later tonight they have a match for the tag team titles.

The show starts and the GFW/Knockouts champion Sienna is sitting in the middle of the ring. Next week she has a match at Destination X but she has not been told who her opponent is. Karen Jarrett comes out to talk to Sienna. Sienna calls her Ms. Jarrett but then decides that she’s gonna call her just Karen for now on. Karen finally lets her know who her opponent will be, its Gail Kim. Sienna attacks her when she hits the ring and they rumble for a bit. The ref tries to break them up but Kim won’t stop, neither will Sienna. Kim says that she’s gonna retire with the Knockouts title.

Joseph Park and Grado are backstage getting ready for their handicap match against Kongo Kong tonight.

El Hijo De Fantasma & Naomichi Marufuji def Laredo Kid & Garza Jr.

Kid and Fantasma start the match and the two show off their skills. Both men are about even until Kid gets the first take down. Fantasma and Garza go at it for a minute until Marufuji tags in. He chops away on Garza then Garza switches and chops on Marufuji. The two head to the outside and Kid dives on Marufuji and then Fantasma dives on Garza. Back in the ring, Garza and Fantasma work each other a bit. Fantasma gets a nice frog splash but Garza kicks out of the pin attempt. Garza tags in Kid and he sets up Garza Marufuji so Garza can grab him and Fantasma gets in the mix and Kid takes the pile down from a leg drop off the top rope. Kid and Fantasma are in now and Kid hits two dives off the top but when he tries for a third, Fantasma stops him. Fantasma gets Kid in a painful surfboard. All four men are in the ring and Marufuji and Fantasma superkick Garza. Kid and Garza get a bit of a double team on Marufuji then we have all four men in the ring on the mat. Fantasma and Kid end up on the outside when Fantasma hits Kid with a suicide dive. Garza and Marufuji are in the ring and Marufuji finishes the match with a sliced bread on Garza. They shake hands after the match.

OVE’s video sneaks in before the next match and Ohio Verses Everything will be at Destination X next week!

Handicap Match

Kongo Kong def Joseph Park & Grado

Grado and Park are in the ring awaiting their opponent Kong. The two play rock, paper,scissor to decide who will be first in the ring. Park looses and he’s in first. Kong takes Park down quick and he has to tag in Grado. Grado gets some punches on Kong. The two get Kong on the mat but when things pick up, Kong takes both men out. He takes Park out and gets the win. Kong beats on Grado after the match and Laurel Van Ness comes to his save. She stops Kong from taking Grado out. Kong throws her over his shoulder and as he tries to leave, Tyrus comes out and heads to the ring. They stare each other down and Kong walks away.

Backstage there’s an interview with one of the teams in tonights six man tag match. Lashley, Trevor Lee and LoKi.

A piece about the situation between Trevor Lee and Sonjay Duty and the X Division title is shown before the next match. We also see when Jarrett went to the MMA gym and they talk about Lashley.

A new segment called Down and Dirty with Dutch is next and his guests are Matt Sydal and Bobby Lashley. They talk about their match at Destination X. Lashley gets a little pissed and grabs Sydal by the throat and the segment ends.

Unified Tag Team Title Street Fight

LAX (Santana & Ortiz) (c) def VOW (Wilcox & Mayweather)

LAX comes to the ring first. When VOW comes to the ring, LAX attacks. Madness ensues around the outside of the ring. LAX has the numbers and since this match is a street fight then LAX can not be disqualified. We see some crazyness on the outside with some weapons and some slamming into ring posts and even an overhead suplex onto the ramp. Things finally hit the ring and VOW starts with some double teaming on Ortiz. Mayweather takes out Ortiz then goes for a table. VOW sets up a chair and a couple tables then puts Ortiz through one. Back from commercial we see Diamonte give a low blow to Wilcox. Every member of LAX gets involved. LoKi handcuffs Mayweather and all of LAX stomp on him. Santana and Ortiz double team Wilcox but they don’t get the pin. They set up Wilcox and with a diving cannonball, put him through a table in the corner then they get the pin and retain the titles.

Super X Cup Semifinal Match

Taiji Ishimori def ACH

This match is gonna be great and the winner will face Dezmond Xavier next week at Destination X. The two lock up and ACH spins around the ring. Then Ishimori spins around too. We see Xavier backstage watching the match. A commercial interrupts the action for a moment. Back from commercial these two are taking it to each other hard. Ishimori gets a stomp on ACH but he comes back with a nice kick to the head. More back and forth from both slows down things a bit. Ishimori gets a kick but ACH comes back with a massive clotheslines. The crowd gets behind both men and Ishimori uses it to get himself a 360 splash and he pins ACH. Xavier comes out and shakes ACH’s hand then he gets in Ishimori’s face. They shake hands and walk away from each other.

6 Man Tag Team Match

LoKi, Trevor Lee, Lashley def Alberto El Patron (c), Matt Sydal, Sonjay Duty (c)

This match is gonna be madness. Both teams are made up of opponents at Destination X. Almost like a good vs. evil thing is happening. I’m sure everyone will go full force because with their matches a week away, they all wanna knock their opponents down a peg. Patron attacks LoKi right away and the match starts. Tagging Dutt in, he works LoKi over until Lee tags in. Lee and Dutt attack each other and Dutt pulls his X devision title off of Lee. Lashley and Sydal are in the ring now and Lashley gets control pretty quick. LoKi tags in and he takes off his jacket and goes to work on Sydal. He takes him to his corner and Lee tags himself in and he dropkicks Sydal. Sydal can not get out of the opponents corner to tag out as

he’s getting worked over. Lashley, Lee and LoKi tag in and out over and over and that let’s them keep control of the match. Patron and Dutt struggle to try and get Sydal to tag out. One thing about Sydal, he won’t give up easy. He finally tags in Dutt and things pick up. The ref gets distracted and a pin on Dutt doesn’t get counted. Lashley taunts Patron a bit as LoKi works on Dutt. Its been all Lashley, Lee and LoKi the entire match but I will never count out anyone from the other team. Dutt gets a boot to all three of his opponents and finally gets over to tag in Patron. He comes in on fire as he explodes on everyone. He suicide dives on Lashley taking him to the floor. The match has just gotten out of hand and everyone does what they can to whoever. LoKi gets the warriors way on Dutt after Lashley power slams him and they win the match.

Destination X is only seven days away and the card is stacked to the roof. This weeks show set up everything for next week. I can not wait, its gonna be awesome. Until Next Week!

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