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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Is everyone ready for the best hour of WWE TV? NXT episode 405 is about to begin and with what’s gonna happen this week, things should be interesting.

The show starts with Nikki Cross in the ring calling out the NXT tag team champions A.O.P. Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe are in the ring too. A.O.P., along with Paul Ellering come out and head to the ring but from behind, Rezar gets jumped by none other then the leader of Sanity Eric Young. Young has not been around much lately but tonight he’s here to do damage. Young zipties Rezar to the guard rail and they beat Akem in the ring. Rezar, with massive power, rips the guard rail off and heads to the ring with it. Sanity completely destroy A.O.P, something we haven’t really seen yet. Cross grabs the tag titles and they hold them high in the middle of the ring.

Tag Team Match

Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) def JC & Chris (The Metro Brothers)

NXT must be trying to beef up their tag team division because we have two new teams debuting in this match. Now we have seen Street Profits videos for weeks but the Metro Brothers are a team we haven’t seen. Dawkins and Chris start the match and Dawkins takes control first. He tags in Ford and a double team takes down Chris. I really don’t like how these two gloat around the ring at all. Chris tags JC and Dawkins clotheslines then spears him. Ford tags in and gets a frog splash on Chris for the win. I was not impressed with all the show boating these two do in the ring.

We see a video of Aleister Black leaving Full Sail last week and Hideo Itami tried to attack him. From this incident we will have a match at TakeOver Brooklyn 3 between the two.

NXT GM William Regal is in the ring and he calls for Drew McIntyre to come to the ring. Then Regal calls for NXT champion Bobby Roode to come to the ring. I feel that the Roode craze has died off, he just doesn’t get the pop like he used to. Roode brought security with him because Roderick Strong is still after him. Roode runs his mouth a bit to McIntyre. He finally shuts up and McIntyre gets his turn to talk. Strong’s music hits and he enters the arena. He tells Roode that he’s not done with him. Roode tries to make a match between McIntyre and Strong and if Strong looses he will not get a shot at Roode but if he wins, he gets a shot at him after TakeOver. Regal makes this match official for next week.

Danny Burch def Oney Lorcan

The last time these two met in the ring Beech bled and Lorcan won with a one leg Boston crab. They decided to have a rematch and we are about to see it right now. The bell rings and these two take a moment to size each other up before they go at each other. They end up on the mat then in the corner but the ref splits them up and they start again. Things pick up and both men get some moves in. Burch gets tossed in the corner then Lorcan tries for a pin but nothing. It seems like Lorcan is keeping control of the match as he chops on Burch. A missile drop kick from Burch turns thing to his favor but not for long. Lorcan kicks out of a pin attempt and then the two fight over who will get off a suplex. Burch throws Lorcan’s feet onto the top rope then he hits a tower of London but Lorcan kicks out of the pin again. Such explosive moves let’s Lorcan take Burch down. The two stand face to face and Burch tells Lorcan to hit him. The fists fly and Burch hits the mat and Lorcan puts him in a Boston crab. Somehow Burch reverses it and gets Lorcan’s shoulders on the mat and wins. Burch extends a handshake after the match but, at first, Lorcan refuses to shake it but he changes his mind and does anyway.

Andrade Cien Almas def  Noway Jose

Jose gets the crowd in a Congo line before he hits the ring with his dancing. Almas comes out with Selina Vega and they head to the ring. The two lock up and Almas goes for his laxadazical ways but Vega snaps him back to reality. Back in the ring, Jose hits Almas with a flapjack and a back body drop. Almas goes for his lazy moves again and as he catches himself in the ropes, Jose kicks him to the floor. Vega, again, comes to Almas and yells at him to focus on the match. He gets back in the ring and starts to control things but not for long. Jose tries to comeback but a double knee and a hammerlock DDT let’s Almas pin him for the win. Finally, its been awhile since Almas won a match the real way. On their way out, Vega goes to the commentary table and grabs a mic. She calls out Johnny Gargano saying that if he wants a match at TakeOver Brooklyn 3, then he has one in Almas.

Maybe we will bet to see that match, I know I’d like to see it. Well that does it for this weeks episode of NXT. We have less then two weeks until TakeOver Brooklyn 3 and he m pumped. I hope everyone else is too.

Until Next Week!

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