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By Andrew Williams @MrAWilliams89

Summerslam 2000

August 27th 2000 was the date. Raleigh, North Carolina was the location. “Tables, Ladders and Chairs, Oh my!” was the tag line to the match that is probably to this day my favourite match in it’s soon to be 30 year history. It had it all, the aforementioned tables, ladders and chairs. it had huge falls, and bumps. It had outside interference. it was special and it was the first official Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

The defending tag team champions, Edge and Christian, were facing off against The Hardy boyz and The Dudley boyz in what was the sequel to their Wrestlemania 2000 ladder match. Whilst the match was officially a ladder match, it did also include the usage of tables and chairs. This led to their Wrestlemania match being upscaled to officially include tables and chairs and what an exciting, fantastic match it was.

No time was wasted in getting extreme in this match. Immediately chairs and ladders were brought into the ring and used with great success. It also wasn’t long at all until Russian leg sweeps and Reverse DDTs from half way up the ladders were being implemented. Jeff Hardy’s patterned daredevil leaps of faith weren’t far behind either, Leapfrogging over ladders and dropping legs onto his opponents. Sadly, The Swanton Bomb from atop a ladder onto Bubba ray who had been placed on a table was as successful as Bubba avoided the impact. Matt Hardy also found himself falling from a ladder through two tables set up at ringside and Bubba suffered a simular fate Falling through 4 tables at ringside set up by his own partner D-von. The match ended with Edge and Christian retaining their Tag Team Championships. Whilst I’m happy it was over without injury, it was sad to see it over

This match was fastpaced, in your face, high drama moment to high drama moment from bell to bell. It was, at that time,the most extreme match I had seen and it definetly made these three teams stars if they weren’t stars already. There has been a lot of great matches at Summerslam both before and after this. But this match will probably always be my favourite as it was like nothing I had ever seen before or maybe since.

Right to Censor def. Too Cool & Rikishi

X-Pac def. Road Dogg

Intercontinental Championship Mixed Tag Match
Eddie Guerrero & Chyna def. Trish Stratus & Val Venis.  Chyna pinned Stratus to become new Intercontinental Champion

Jerry “The King” Lawler def. Tazz

Hardcore Championship Match
Steve Blackman def. Shane McMahon to become new Hardcore Champion

Two-out-of-Three Falls Match
Chris Benoit def. Chris Jericho 2 to 1

World Tag Team Championship TLC Match
Edge & Christian def. The Hardy Boyz and The Dudleys to retain

Stink Face Match
The Kat def. Terri

Undertaker vs. Kane ended in a no contest

WWE Championship Triple Threat Match
The Rock def. Kurt Angle and Triple H to retain

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