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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Modern Vintage Wrestling this week features two top stars in the Indy world of wrestling. The match is a title defence match for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee. He faces the power house Michael Elgin. This match is gonna be a very hard hitting fight, let’s see how the match played out.

CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship Title Match

Trevor Lee (C) def Michael Elgin

The match starts with a bit of a chest poking back and forth and Lee tells Elgin that MVW is his house. Elgin answers with a forearm and then the action begins. The beginning of the match starts with a lot of arm control by both Elgin and Lee but a stalemate keeps stopping things. The two have a slapfest and Elgin hits Lee so hard it sends him flying. If you know Elgin then you know how much of a powerhouse that man is. Lee tries to get some high flying moves off but Elgin stops everything he tries. Lee finally sends Elgin to the outside and the match heads to the floor. Another slapfest begins and when Elgin swings at Lee, he moves making Elgin hit the ring post. The crowd gets behind Lee as the two move back to the ring. Most Trevor Lee matches I have seen he has been pretty much the aggressor, he’s just that guy, but Elgin has the match under control most of the time. Lee finds some way, and how I don’t know, to come back a bit with a double stomp then a kick to Elgin’s face. Lee pummels Elgin with forearms and that gives him some control. At this point the crowd is so loud you can hardly hear the commentary that’s going on. Lee gets Elgin in a headlock, cutting off his air, and just when it seems like he’s out, he Suplex’s Lee. Both men look exhausted but they find a way to keep going. Elgin grabs Lee around the waist and goes for three German Suplex’s but Lee stops him after the second one but Elgin ends up getting the third one anyway. Elgin tries a pin but Lee just won’t give up. Power move after power move has Lee hurt and on the floor. “This Is Awesome” comes from the crowd as Lee punt kicks Elgin from the apron. Lee gets a limp Elgin back in the ring and Suplex’s him yet again. The match has been so brutal and amazing since the bell rang, the two have just destroyed each other. Things move to the apron again and Elgin gives Lee a death valley driver on the “hardest part of the ring” then he takes a quick seat in the audience to catch his breath. He climbs back in the ring and getting Lee to the second rope gives him a falcon arrow nearly killing him. Elgin yells at Lee to stay down and that this is his house now. Lee refuses and the match moves on. The Sportatorium has not been quiet this entire contest. Lee heads for Elgin in the corner but Elgin gives him a push back pop up cutter and then a huge powerbomb but Lee still got out of the pin attempt with a slow shoulder. I don’t know where he finds the energy or will to keep himself going the way he does. Elgin stands over top of Lee pulling him up and clothes lining him so hard that it must have turned on a switch or something because when Elgin went for the pin again, Lee kicked out after the one count and everyone thought he was gonna go for Elgin but he hit the mat, kind of like a Ric Flair move. When it looks like the match is over for Lee he goes for an ankle lock that turns into a roll up and Lee got the pin.

Lee fought so hard to keep his title and in the end he pull it off. This match was epic. These two destroyed each other but Lee just held on, somehow. I have to say that this match would have to be one of my favorites in a long time. The Sportatorium was loud the entire match as the crowd stayed behind their hometown champion. I’ll say this, you have to see this match if your a fan of either one of these

men or if you love hard hitting fights. Modern Vintage Wrestling have completely turned into one of my favorite promotions there is. Every week there is amazing action. I wish their shows would go for an hour instead of thirty minutes but either way they never disappoint.

Until Next Week!

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