Random Review: PowerBomb Wrestling Ep 3

By Lewis Carlan @PWSOTH

Hello and welcome to another installment of my column, Random Review. This week I have chosen PowerBomb Wrestling Ep 3 as the Indy TV show I will be reviewing.

PowerBomb Wrestling is a promotion based out of Toledo, Ohio.

The show opens with producer Norm Wamer as he is sitting at a desk “in the studio”, he promotes the upcoming Summer Stunner show and talks about the “legend” Bobo Brazil Jr turning his back on the fans. He then introduces a “classic” match between then PBW Champion Bobo Brazil Jr. vs. The Voodoo Murderer AKA Rosey from WWE.

I have been a huge wrestling fan since 1979 and have never heard of the “legend” Bobo Brazil Jr. I heard of the legendary Bobo Brazil but never of Bobo Brazil Jr. I am not certain if he is the real or kayfabe son of Bobo Brazil. I did find out that he debuted in 1974 and had a number of different names throughout his career, none of which I recognized. My guess is he is not really the son of Bobo Brazil.

Match 1 – A “classic” match – Bobo Brazil Jr. (c) with Jerry Graham vs The Voodoo Murderer AKA Rosey from WWE for the PBW Title

I always get nervous when small, local indy promotions such as PowerBomb Wrestling announce they are showing a classic match because usually most times they are not even close to being classics and that was the case here. This match I believe took place in Jan 2017, 3 months before Rosey tragically passed away. He didn’t look in good health during the match and he was slow and lethargic. It was almost sad to watch. I do hope he is resting in peace and has found eternal happiness. Bobo Brazil Jr. did nothing in this match to prove he is anything near a legend. The match ended in a DQ as The Voodoo Murderer was disqualified for using a chain. VM started choking Dr Jerry Graham with the chain but Fabian Aloysius Graham made the save. What an awful opening match. Promotions should only label matches as “classic” if they truly are. If this is a classic match, I’d hate to see what else is in store for me on this show.

Next we had the recently turned heel Bobo Brazil Jr. cutting a promo on his opponent for the Aug 13 show who he turned his back on. His opponent is called Big Chuck Wagon. And the promo was not very good.

Big Chuck Wagon also cut a promo on Bobo Brazil Jr. He had a chair that had the words Big Chuck Wagon – Fear the Fat on it.  This promo was not very good either.

Both promo’s did nothing to make me interested in this grudge match.

Announcer Norm Wamer, back at his desk, indicates that it won’t be a wrestling match between Big Chuck Wagon and Bobo Brazil Jr, it will be a fight.

Good heavens! Can the state of Ohio withstand a fight between Brazil Jr and Wagon? Someone better call the National Guard for this one. Give me a break please.

Match 2 – Sless Taylor (c) vs “Sexy” Sean Casey for the PBW Cruiserweight title

The match is joined in progress. Thank goodness for this match as it was solid. I really enjoyed it. Good back and forth action between the two and they worked well together. Sean Casey was victorious and became the new PBW Cruiserweight Champion. I really like Sless Taylor. He has good potential. He did botch a simple small package but looked good throughout the match. Sean Casey has been around for sometime debuting in 1992. He looked like a true veteran in the ring. Great job by both wrestlers.

After the match, Norm Wamer conducted a post match interview with Sean Casey and the editors screwed up by cutting off the interview while Casey was in mid-sentence and clearly not done talking.

Next Norm Wamer is back and we get a Sean Casey promo for the upcoming Aug 13 show. With him is Women’s champion Shawna Reed. Sean Casey talks about his faction the 5 Most Wanted. Casey said he can do whatever he wants because he is the champion and then plants a kiss on the cheek of Norm Wamer. Casey said he did that because he can. Another awful promo.

Hey, here is an idea, how about mention who Sean Casey will be defending the PBW Cruiserweight title against on Aug 13.

Norm Wamer is back “in the studio” in the next segment and tells us we just heard from Shayla Hyde and Shawna Reed discussing their upcoming women’s title match. One problem here. We didn’t hear from either of them at all during this show. We saw Shawna Reed in the last segment but she didn’t say a word. We haven’t even seen Hyde at all!  Seriously, WTF is going with the editing here?

Match 3 – Another “classic” match – Dr. Jerry Graham and Bulldog Don Kent vs. Chris Carter and Calypso Jim (Bobo Brazil Jr.)

This match had to be from around 1985 when wrestling was great and let me tell you – this was a pure classic. Dr Jerry Graham was outstanding in this match. It was a pier six brawl that was nothing short of thrilling. The crowd was hot for this match. Graham was awesome here as he attacked the referee, the ring announcer, a local disc jockey and destroyed the concession stand. Dick The Bruiser tried to intervene and wrestlers poured out to restore order. Absolutely incredible match from the 80’s. The only problem in showing this match is PowerBomb Wrestling can’t even come close to giving us anything this exciting.

Match 4 – Big Chuck Wagon and Andy Chene (c) vs. Dymond Couture and Denzel Titan AKA C.I.A

C.I.A. stands for Charismatic Innovation Association which is a cool name in my opinion. The match wasn’t bad. I like Couture and Titan as a team and have to say they may have potential. CIA did win the match and became the new PBW Tag team champions. Big Chuck Wagon is ok for a big man and reminds me of Uncle Elmer. He does look like he has trouble moving around the ring. After the match, CIA had Wagon in trouble and Bobo Brazil Jr. came to his aid as they brawled with CIA back to the dressing room.

This was confusing as the start of the show explained that Bobo Brazil Jr turned on Wagon previously and they are having a grudge match on Aug 13. Yet they close the show with Brazil Jr coming to the aid of the man he is going to have that grudge match against in a few days. Yes, I am sure the Brazil Jr heel turn happened after this tag team match took place but shouldn’t they be trying to create heat for the Aug 13 show? It made no sense at all. The show should have ended with Brazil Jr brawling with Wagon to promote the Aug 13 event.

Final Thoughts: Overall this was an average show. The best part was the 80’s classic match as well as Sless Taylor vs. Sean Casey. The ending of the show, as I mentioned, was confusing. How can you have a grudge match which is billed as a fight with two of your “top” stars in a few days yet close it by showing them coming to the aid of each other in a match taped two months ago.  I am interested in learning more about Sless Taylor, Dymond Couture, and Denzel Titan.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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