Dragon Pro Wrestling Present’s Endless Summer

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames 

Newport, Wales, 7/8

Beano def. Josh Holly 

This lively contest kicked off proceedings, the Original Bad Man Beano took on the challenge of the improving Josh Holly. These two really took it too each other, the arrogant Josh Holly took the fight to Beano early on. The spirited leader of the “NP44” fought back and had many near falls, Holly however found his footing and hit back with a rope assisted DDT and Suplex. They traded forearms before Beano caught his opponent with a Michinoku Driver and Top Rope Uranage Slam for the win. Great win for Beano, this lad is going places.

Brendan White def. Cal Adams 

The Stylin‘, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin‘ n’ dealin‘ son of a gun..Brendan White came out first, his opponent was the technical Cal Adams. Both had impressive showings only two days prior at Thursday Night Throws, so this was bound to be good. Brendan took the smaller less physical Cal Adams for granted, that was until the plucky youngster fought back. Brendan however came back into the contest and overpowered his foe, his range of Suplexes is impressive. Cal fought back but he was no match for the determined bruiser, White hit a big Lariat before winning with a Black Hole Slam. Another impressive showing from Bronco, he just seems to get better.  

Sierra Loxton def. Kaggy – Via DQ 

The feud between these two only heated up further this past weekend, once again the off kilter Kaggy refused to play by the rules. Kaggy again blindsided Sierra pre-match to get the contest started, however the more experience Loxton battled back and had her opponent reeling. Sierra piled on the pressure. Kaggy with her own unique offence, trapped Loxton and choked her in the corner, but not for long, the “Freaky Princess” again battled back and rocked her opponent with a German Suplex. Kaggy saw the writing on the wall, she made her way back into the corner and caught Sierra with Chokehold, the referee counted to 5 and stopped the match. This was a very competitive match, Kaggy seems like a character that can go far and Sierra looks better than ever.

Bishop, Awatar & Reg def. Oliver Sudden, The Renegades 

The Renegades made their debut alongside the familiar Oliver Sudden, they took on the team of Reg and the very intimidating Bishop and Awatar. The Renegades are formerly of Evo Wrestling in Gloucester and are a very talented team, they looked good in their debut and worked well with Sudden. Reg also worked well with Awatar and the impressive looking Bishop, the match went back and forth as both teams controlled parts of the contest. After the contest went all over the place Bishop hit Sudden with a Death Valley Driver for victory.

Dean Winter def. Edwin Ricci 

This was very good; the accomplished Edwin Ricci took on the ever-impressive Dean Winter in one of the evenings best matches. These two raised the bar high in this match, Edwin Ricci is easily one of the best Junior Heavyweights in the region and Dean Winter could easily be working for the likes of Chaos, ATTACK, 4FW and Kamikaze Pro just to name a few. They went back and forth and hit each other with everything they had, power wise the smaller Ricci was outmatched but he made up for that with his speed. Dean Winter however is no slouch, for a man his size he can move like a Cruiserweight, they put together a great fast paced technical match. After an impressive Double Foot Stomp and Frog Splash from Ricci, the Winter hit back with a huge Sitout Powerbmomb for a big win.

Sofia Ari def. Shay Purser (Formerly Karambre) 

The Rookie of the year 2016 Karambre unveiled himself as Shay Purser, who then to prove himself invited anyone from the roster to challenge him. Out came the newest debutant Sofia Ari, who again gave a great showing two day earlier at ATTACK Pro. She looked very slick and had a fun competitive match with Shay. The hated referee of ATTACK however dug deep and hit back, with his Rookie of the Year title on the line Shay had most to lose. Sofia looked good and after surviving some back handed tactics hit Shay with a Springboard Stunner, Canadian Destroyer and Moonsault for a very impressive win.

Matt Horgan def. Posada 

The newest member of the Modern Culture Matt Horgan looked to impress, he took on new face Posada. He went on the offence first before Posada mounted a comeback, the face paint wearing debutant looked good and got his moves in well. Matt Horgan gained control back when he hit his opponent with a hard forearm blow, he then followed that up with a Brainnbuster and low dropkick. Posada rallied before he was caught by Horgan with a Leg Hook Piledriver for another win.

Dragon Pro Tag Team Title Match, The Brotherhood © def. Mike Bird & Drew Parker 

The Brotherhood retained the tag titles in another thrilling contest, the action was fast paced and hard hitting and everyone impressed. Bird and Parker took the fight to their opponents and came close to winning on several occasions. The Brotherhood looked really good here, they seemed more proactive without Nathan Bane and were very slick in the ring. Mike Bird as always performed like a man possessed, no matter the show he shines and is worth the admission alone. Bird teamed well with Parker as they displayed really good chemistry, on the other side of the ring Elijah and Joe Mezinger were crisp and looked very good. As the contest reached a finale the near falls mounted up, both team could have stolen victory, finally the Brotherhood retained from a DDT/Facebuster combo. This was the best I have seen Brotherhood outside of Chaos, they looked very competent and moved well, Bird and Drew performed extremely well and made the contest what it was.

Once again Dragon Pro produced a great show, featuring current talent and the future stars of tomorrow the staff and wrestlers should feel very proud. Congrats to all.


Thank you to Jim Maitland @Jim_TurningFace for the header image.

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