ATTACK Pro & Dragon Pro Wrestling Present, Thursday Night Throws #2

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames 

3/8/17 Cathays Youth & Community Centre, Cardiff

The second instalment of Thursday Night Throws again attracted a huge crowd to Cathays, however this time there seemed to be a more diverse wrestling audience than the usual ATTACK ultras. The matches on offer featured both established ATTACK roster members and new Dragon Pro stars looking to make an impact and impress the right people. To open up proceedings real life best friends Brendan White and Flash Morgan Webster went toe to toe in an ultra-competitive match, wily veteran Flash survived a brutal onslaught from “Bronco” before winning with the Shiranui. Wild Boar had to earn his victory against a game Josh Holly, the younger Dragon Pro star fought well and survived a lot of punishment from Boar before falling to the Package Piledriver. The third contest of the evening was a cluster***k of established and new talent, the very agile Sofia Ari and spooky Posada made their debuts. The ten-man match was non-stop, everyone looked good and the new stars really made an impression, as always CCK, Elijah and Beano were the standouts, Kaggy also looked great in her role, with such a character should could go very far.

The next contest featured an emotional Fat Kat Lloyd taking on the very impressive Big Grizzly, unfortunately for Lloyd the AntiFun Police caused the distraction which led to win for Grizz. Drew Parker who recently turned on the ATTACK fans looked menacing in his match with a very talented Cal Adams. To his credit the younger Adams twisted and played with Drew for long periods, the contest was a great back and forth with not wanting to look weak. After a great display from Cal Adams he was caught by Drew with a stiff GTS for the win. The main event of the evening featured the Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Jnr challenging Kyle Flether and Mark Davis for the ATTACK Pro Tag Team Championships. The match very good, it flowed well and the action was hard hitting, the contest went back and forth and dives took over. Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis stood out with their amazing chemistry and ring work which leaves you breathless. Los Federales continues to impress as one of the better big men working in the South West/Wales region, Damian Dunne also stood out as the main event star that he is. When it was all said and done and after some nasty looking bumps the lads from down under got the job done, the Mark Davis Piledriver combo finish is one of the impressive sites to see as they retained the belts.


Flash Morgan Webster def. “Bronco” Brendan White

Wild Boar def. Josh Holly

CCK, Elijah, Posada & Kaggy def. Alaskan Bush Brothers, Reg, Beano & Sofia Ari

Big Grizzly def. Fat Kat Lloyd

Drew Parker def. Cal Adams

ATTACK Pro Tag Team Title Match – Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis © def. AntiFun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Jr

With more of a diverse audience than before the evening took a little while to get going, however by the end the audience were on their feet. The performers from both Attack and Dragon Pro once more proved how good they are and how much credit the trainers at Dragon Pro Academy should receive. Overall this was an excellent night of wrestling and another exhibit of the talent in the South West of England and Wales.

Credit to Jim Maitland @Jim_TurningFace for the header image. 

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