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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Are you ready to Rock!! OK that was unnecessary but really are you ready for a new episode of Amped? I am for sure, this week we continue with the Rockin Robin tournament and I know its gonna Rock! Lets get this started….

Rockin Robin Tournament Week 2

“Hot FiyAA!” Myron Reed def “Everyone’s Homie” Pompano Joe

Reed comes in this match undefeated in the tournament so far and let me say this, this kid has been on FiyAA! for the past couple months. Joe, on the other hand, comes into the match with a loss, so I’m sure he will try extra hard to get a win tonight. Things look great for Joe at first getting some great moves on Reed until Reed flips the switch with a spinning kick and a few suicide dives. It doesn’t take long for Joe to get going again but Reed doesn’t give up. Joe works on Reed’s arm for a lot of the match, trying to pull it out of its socket. With him doing that it slows Reed almost to a crawl. Getting a second wind, Reed starts to pull some tricks out of his bag and Joe puts it to a stop right away. Every time Reed gets a chance to pull off a move,Joe is right there, but when the two go up the turnbuckle, Reed somehow pulls off a firefly and pins Joe for his second win in the tournament. That leave Joe with an 0 and 2 record and Reed is 2 and 0.

“The Lost Girl” Samantha Heights def Nate Wings

Both Heights and Wings are 0 and 1 in the tournament so far so both are hungry for that first win. Heights goes for a pin right away and that turns into back and forth pin attempts. Heights steps things up with a nice suicide dive and then sends Wings back in the ring for more pin attempts. Its Wings turn to step it up and he gets a suplex followed by a dropkick. After every good move by both Heights and Wings turns into a pin attempt. I guess if one of them catches the other slipping then that gives them an easy win in the tournament. They both go for a cross body and it puts them both on the mat for a moment. Heights shows her stength as she man handles Wings and puts him in a tarantula type submission on the ropes. Using more strength, she hits Wings with a sit down powerbomb. Wings steps things up but it doesn’t slow Heights down as she climbs to the top rope and takes Wings out with a bangerang. Heights is now 1 and 1 and Wings is 0 and 2 in the tournament.

The RockStar Pro world champion “Juggernaut” Jeremiah is in the ring ranting and raving about being the champ and he talks about the Rockin Robin tournament.

“The Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams def Clayton “Gainz” Jackson

Jackson attacks Williams from behind before the bell even rings. Jackson grabs Williams numbchucks and shows off by curling them and Williams takes him out from behind. Things stay on the outside as the two beat the hell out of each other. The match has not even started yet and the two refuse to get in the ring. Jackson spends too much time showing off and it gives Williams a chance to take over. They finally get in the ring and the match starts. This is the only match tonight where both men are 1 and 0 in the tournament. Jackson sends Williams to the floor again and he shows off by flexing in the ring again. Finally things stay in the ring for awhile and Jackson has control. Doing his best to get things going his way, Williams gets a suplex and a kick dazing Jackson. Both men are exhausted but Williams finds the strength to pull off a pile driver and gets the win. That makes Williams 2 and 0 and Jackson is 1 and 1.

“The Righteous One” Lisa Coleman def “The White Trash Messiah” Ron Mathis

Trey Miguel has officially changed his name to Lisa Coleman. I’m not sure if its just for the tournament or if its for good but either way I’m sure he’s ready for a fight tonight. The Foundation comes out with Mathis and they are all on the outside of the ring. That gives Coleman an idea so he does an over the top rope flip onto the pile of them. In the ring, Mathis takes control as the ref takes care of banning the Foundation from ring side. We get some order in the ring as Mathis tries to destroy Coleman with slam after slam. The two slug it out and Coleman gets a spinning DDT almost taking Mathis out. Mathis comes in this match with an 0 and 1 record as Coleman has a 1 and 0 record. The beat down continues on Coleman until he steps up with a clothesline to Mathis. Coleman’s rubber legs doesn’t allow him to get a chain of moves or a leg up in the match. When he finally does find his footing, Mathis pays for it. A suplex in to a powerbomb still doesn’t get Mathis the win but it gives him a chance to try and wear down Coleman. The ref ends up between the two but Coleman moves her out of the way. That still doesn’t help because Mathis took her out with an accidental clothesline. With the ref out of it, Mathis calls for the Foundation and they come in and beat on Coleman. Then music hits and “The Professional Athlete” Jon Murray comes out with kendo stick in hand and cleans house. This let’s Coleman hit Mathis with a loaded clip and the ref counts the three. Coleman goes to 2 and 0 and Mathis is now 0 and 2.

This week was amazing and super action packed. The Rockin Robin Tournament is moving along great and next week should be even better.

Until Then!

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