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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcsspector

Impact is ready to begin and tonight we find out who the new member of LAX is when they take on Alberto El Patron and his father and brother in tonights main event. First we have some action to get to so let’s get to it.

Super X Cup Semi Final Match

Desmond Xavier def Drago

Time for some flying high in the ring. The bell rings and things kick off. It doesn’t take long for Xavier to end up on the outside. The uniqueness of both Drago and Xavier has everyone’s eyes glued to the ring. Xavier ends up on the outside again and Drago hits him with a straight as an arrow suicide dive taking him down. The first round took a lot out of these two and now facing each other, whoever wins is gonna have to earn it greatly. Kick for kick, punch for punch both beat each other senseless. Drago gets a bit cocky and Xavier explodes on him with a cutter. Sending Drago to the floor, Xavier gets a flip over the top rope taking him out. When Drago thinks he has won the match, Xavier kicks out of the pin. The resilience of Xavier starts to piss Drago off as he can’t just get the pin. Xavier goes to the top and gets the final flash and the pin to advance to the finals.

Alberto and his family have an interview backstage and Alberto says that he doesn’t know if he can trust his own brother in their match tonight against LAX.

Mumbai Cat def Trevor Lee

Lee still has the X division title around his waist and will not take it off. The bell rings and Lee attacks right away taking Cat to the floor. He hits a switcharoo with Cat #2 who was under the ring waiting. Coming back in as a fresh man, he gets the win over Lee. After the bell, Cat takes his mask off and its not Mumbai Cat its the real X division champion Sonjay Duty. Bruce Pritchard comes out to get the banned Dutt out of the building but only after Dutt challenges Lee to a ladder match at Destination X for the X division title.

Eli Drake w/Chris Adonis vs. Eddie Edwards

Edwards music hits and he doesn’t come out. Backstage we see him on the ground and Laurel Van Ness is throwing a fit while Kongo Kong is throwing things all over the place. We see Richard Justice being destroyed by Kongo Kong backstage also but I think Kong mistook his for Grado. The match has been cancelled.

Impact Grand Championship Match

EC3 def Moose (Grand Champion)

EC3 has really, as of late, gotten everyone against him but Moose, on the other hand, has everyone on his side. Round 1 starts and Moose attacks first. He controls things as he Chios away at EC3. On the outside, the steel steps come into play as both men hit them hard. The last half of round 1 EC3 took charge and he won the round. Round 2 starts with EC3 still controlling the match. A headlock keeps Moose on the mat but he tries his best to step things up. With round 2 over Moose takes the win on that one. The third and final round starts and Moose has to do what he can to take EC3 out or keep him from scoring the round. Both go for the pin but things don’t finish that way. It looks like EC3 may take the match but it goes to the judges and they decide that EC3 does win round three and he is the new Impact Grand Champion!

We get to see a more extended video of OVE this week and it says that they will be at Destination X. I can not wait for them to arrive!

6 Man Tag Team Match

Suicide, Braxton Sutter w/Allie & Grado def KM, Mario Bakara & Fallah Bah

Well there is no question that one team is a lot larger then the other but that doesn’t always mean anything. Grado and Bakara start things but it turns into an all out brawl quickly. Sutter, Suicide and Grado all get dives to the outside but Grado’s gets stopped by Bakara. KM comes in and takes out the other team except for Grado. Sutter kicks KM and Grado trips him then gets the pin. After the bell, Grado calls for Laurel Van Ness to come to the ring. She comes out but Kongo Kong follows behind and Grado gets beat on a bit. He still didn’t get to ask his question.

EC3 comes back out and grabs a mic to talk about his Grand Championship win tonight.

LAX def Alberto El Patron & Family

This may be a hard match for Patron because he doesn’t know if he can trust his brother. Patron’s father and brother beat on Homicide for a bit but things go to the outside and almost turns into a street fight. Patron gets in the ring and takes a bit of a beating from Santana. The crowd gets behind Patron with a “Si,Si,Si” but it doesn’t really help as all the members of LAX take turns stomping on him. Patron’s brother gets some really great moves but LAX stops it cold then they pounce again. Turning the match into a mugging, LAX cuts the ring in half not allowing Patron’s brother to tag in some help. When Patron comes in, he explodes and takes a bit of control. Patron’s brother comes in with a chair but he did not turn on his brother. The new member of LAX is non other then LoKi! He comes in with a double stomp to Patron and LAX wins the match.

Impact this week was a bit slow or should I say there wasn’t enough action. I know that things are building to their pay per view Destination X so that really is the reason. The matches that we did have were great. I love how that each week we do get to see some change up in the ring. That’s what gonna keep impact at the top of the game in the wrestling business.

Until Next Week!


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