WWE NXT Review, 2/8/17


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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

NXT is upon us again and we are in for a treat this week. Aleister Black is in action against a debuting superstar and also Johnny Wrestling gets back in the ring tonight. My favorite hour of the week is about to begin!

Johnny Gargano def Raul Mendoza

Gargano comes out to DIY’s music but as he stops and stares at the screen his name pops up and his new music hits. Mendoza meets Gargano in the ring ready to fight. The crowd gets behind Johnny Wrestling right away. A bunch of mat wrestling starts things off but the highflying follows quickly. Mendoza gets some nice kicks taking Gargano off his feet. Forearms back and forth move things along. Gargano gets a diving spear as he comes back in the ring. Mendoza does a flip off the top rope and Gargano turns it into a over the head chicken wing and makes Mendoza tap.

Paul Ellering gives a message to Sanity about their match at TakeOver Brooklyn 3 against his NXT tag team champions the Authors of Pain.

Asuka enters Full Sail to talk about her match with Ember Moon at TakeOver Brooklyn 3. Ember Moon comes to the ring and tells Asuka that she’s not ready for her. Asuka extends a handshake but pulls away when Moon tries to shake it. Asuka slaps her in the face and things turn into a rumble. When all said and done Moon hits Asuka with an Eclipse. Moon decides not to touch the title until she earns it.

NXT champion Bobby Roode is backstage. He talks about Roderick Strong and the man he will face at TakeOver, Drew McIntyre. Strong runs in and tries to get Roode but Roode runs away. Regal tells Strong to handle things professional but Strong says he wants Roode. Regal says his hands are tied for now.

Sonya Deville def Jenna Van Bemmel

Bemmel is a big thick women but Deville isn’t intimidated at all. Deville taunts Bemmel as she runs around the ring. Deville throws a bunch of knees and she ends up getting an armbar triangle and Bemmel taps out.

Hideo Itami is interviewed backstage. He grabs the mic and heads to the ring. He demands respect from everyone and refuses to leave the ring. Then Aleister Black’s music hits. He heads to the ring and gets in Itami’s face. Itami decides to leave but changes his mind and walks right into a Black Mass.

Aleister Black def Kyle O’Reilly

It’s so awesome that both members of RedDragon are officially in NXT. The room pops so loud when O’Reilly enters Full Sail. Both men read each other well at first. They stay on the mat and Black stays a half a step ahead of O’Reilly. A leg sweep takes O’Reilly down and Black sits waiting for him to get back to his feet. Black has such amazing kicks and he always gets them in at the perfect moments. O’Reilly

comes with a nice sequence of strikes and he turns it into a leg lock. When Black took on Fish he got a lot taken out of him and now against O’Reilly its happening again. These two had to have throw a hundred plus strikes in this match. Black sets up for a Black Mass but O’Reilly turns it into an ankle lock. More strikes back and forth end with the Black Mass connecting and Black gets the pin.

What a match that was! Probably the best match on NXT in a long time. Another week is over and wrestling this week so far has been amazing!

Until Next Week!


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