Thursday Throwback #1 WW(F)E History

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames 

Welcome to my fortnightly look back into what is now considered WW(F)E history, from promotions to wrestlers and events. I will be taking a slice of the past and reminding you all of what was before now, when kayfabe existed and when the WW(F)E was watchable. Enjoy!

Doug “Gashouse” Gilbert

Doug Gilbert arrived in the WWE in the 1970’s, it was there that they christened him “Gashouse”. Although then past his prime he still could go. During his tenure with the company he had competitive matches, especially with Bobo Brazil and Tony Garea.

Gilbert made a name for himself in the AWA during the 1960’s, Nicknamed “The Professional”, the native Nebraskan brute quickly rose to prominence with three Midwest Tag Team Title reigns with partner Reggie Parks. During the championship reigns the duo would often feud with current WWE Hall Of Famers Bob Orton Sr & Mad Dog Vachon, In the late 1960’s “The Pro” jumped ship to the then very popular NWA.

Doug would become very cocksure in his NWA days, he would become well known for pinning his opponents while sitting on their chest, and not forgetting to stroke his moustache (I’m sure Trent Seven & Tyler Bate would be proud). Gilbert would go on to win fourteen NWA regional championships, most famously he had three reigns as the Georgian NWA Champion. During his time in the ring Gilbert transformed himself, he went from a nimble high flyer to a 300 pound, technical powerhouse, having a most memorable match with NWA World Champion Dory Funk Jr in June 1969.

Gilbert would go on to achieve success in other NWA territories, he changed his gimmick and look as the years rolled on to stay relevant. He was also one of the first men to body slam Andre The Giant, this historic moment happened in Montreal in 1972.

Real name Doug Lindzy died in November 2013, aged 76.

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