Lucha Underground Review, 2/8/17


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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

“The Hunger Inside”

The Cueto Cup quarterfinals begin tonight and as we come down to the final few men, things are gonna get nuts. Now let’s get nuts!

Quarterfinals Match

Fenix def Pindar w/Kobra Moon

This is the first quarterfinals match and Pindar looks hungry. He takes Fenix down first. Backup, Fenix uses his educated feet to stun Pindar. Fenix gets a running start but Pindar meets him in the corner and tosses him across the ring. Holding his back, Fenix stays on the mat as Pindar gets a leg up. It doesn’t take long for Fenix to get an overhead suplex taking down Pindar. Both men climb to the top rope and Fenix sends Pindar to the mat then hits a double knee then gets the pin. Fenix advances.

Quarterfinals Match

Prince Puma def Dante Fox

This match is gonna be amazing. As soon as the match starts, both men start with dives over the top rope to the outside. Move for move there is flying through the air. A back flip from Fox turns into a spinning DDT to Puma. They get back in the ring and Fox continues to use the ropes when he can. The believers get behind both of these men. Puma tries for moves but Fox reverses just about all of them. Puma looks tired but he pulls offa running RKO like move. There has not been a move that hasn’t looked damn awesome by both of these men. Kick out after kick out keeps the match moving. Such a smoothness with everything in the ring by Puma and Fox. Puma eats a superkick as he sits on the top rope. This has to be the best match I’ve seen in a long time. In the end Prince Puma pulls out the win. Killshot comes to the ring after the match and attacks Fox. He grabs a mic and tells Fox that things aren’t over between them.

Johnny Mundo (Lucha Underground Champion) def Dragon Azteca Jr.

This match is a non title match but either way Azteca is still gonna give everything he has. Mundo tries to talk shit but gets kicked in his mouth and put in his place. Using his skills in the ring, Mundo takes control. Things end up on the floor as Mundo gives Azteca a slam then sends him back in to the ring. Mundo gets Azteca in a headlock in the middle of the ring slowing him down. Azteca is the student of Rey Mysterio, Mysterio’s family is in the audience watching the match. Mundo gets sent to the floor and Azteca dives over the turnbuckle making the believers pop super loud. Almost getting things done, Azteca gets a great looking leg drop. Mundo hits a standing C4 but can’t get the pin. Azteca gives things one more shot but Mundo is just too much and he gets the win. After the bell Mundo gets a chair and tries to take Azteca out. Mysterio comes to the ring with the save. He carries Azteca to the back and Mundo comes back and gets in Mysterio’s sons face and takes him out. Mysterio tries to come help him but the Underground attack him.

Another amazing week of Lucha Underground. Things between Mundo and Mysterio are heating up. As far as the Cueto Cup, its coming to an end and we should end up with an amazing winner.

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