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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Let’s get ready for Smackdown Live! Tonight is gonna be a fun one. The United States Championship is on the line and also we have a first time ever match, a history making match, John Cena versus Shinsuke Nakamura! Here we go!

United Stated Championship Match

AJ Styles (United States Champion) def Kevin Owens

AJ Styles, the new United States Championship is first to the ring. Owens, with an I’m gonna kill you look on his face follows. The crowd chants for Styles and the two go at each other. A lot of ground game starts things off until Owens sends Styles to the floor. Following him out, he clotheslines him hard. In the ring again the two beat the hell out of each other and things slow down a bit. Styles finds a way to pull himself up and they end up on the outside again. Owens throws Styles into the barricade then gives him a cannot ball. They get back in the ring before they get counted out and things start to go Owens way. Styles hits a fireman’s carry neck breaker but Owens still won’t go down. Owens throws a punch and hits the ref in the eye. Styles rolls him up and the ref counts the three but Owens shoulder was clearly off the mat. Styles was named the winner anyway and he retains his title.

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan backstage, tell the ref that he made a horrible call. Owens runs in completely pissed. Shane and Daniel give Owens a rematch at SummerSlam but Shane McMahon will be the guest referee.

We get a look at last week when the Usos jumped the New Day as they were coming to the ring. The New Days entrance starts but it was the Usos. They had everyone fooled. They give a bit of a rap about how they will take their titles back from the New Day.

Fashion Peaks is the next chapter in the case of the destroyed office. Fandango has been kidnapped. He appears with the Ascension with bottles of syrup. So weird but its the best thing SDLive has done lately.

Aiden English def Sami Zayn

Zayn is in the ring while English sings his way down. English takes control early, controlling Zayn’s arm. Getting a springboard, Zayn gets some arm drags but English get a roll up somehow and steals a win. All in about 2 minutes. Maria and Mike Kanellis music hits and they come out on the stage just to tell Zayn that he lost. Completely weird.

Becky Lynch & Naomi (SDLive women’s champion) def Natalya & “Mrs. Money in the Bank” Carmella

Natalya and Carmella await Lynch and Naomi to come to the ring. Fire and Glow team up tonight and they are ready for this match. Natalya will face Naomi at SummerSlam but tonight Naomi has a partner. Natalya and Lynch start off the match. A bit of a double team forces Natalya to tag in Carmella. Her and Naomi trade slaps to the face and a double team takes down Naomi. Natalya locks Naomi in the sharpshooter but she grabs the rope. Carmella tags in and puts her in the code of silence but Naomi reverses it and makes Carmella tap.

Renee Young interviews the WWE champion Jinder Mahal about the Cena/Nakamura match tonight. He babbles on just like he always does.

Rusev def Chad Gable

Its so great to see Gable getting TV time on SDLive. Ever since Jason Jordan left for RAW Gable hasn’t been around. Gable uses his wrestling ability to work on Rusev’s knee. Getting out of it, Rusev suplex’s Gable across the ring then goes to work on him. Gable is dazed and Rusev uses that to his advantage. Rusev gets a bear hug and Gable can’t get out of it for a few minutes and it wares him down. Rusev let’s go and goes for a splash but misses. Gable gets a second wind a gives Rusev three suplex’s then a moonsault. Gable locks in an ankle lock but Rusev won’t tap out. Then Rusev get the accolade locked in and Gable taps out. What a match this was. Rusev grabs a mic and says noons can beat him that’s why he has no opponent for SummerSlam. Then Randy Orton comes out and enters the ring. He challenges Rusev at SummerSlam then his him with an RKO out of nowhere. The match is made official.

Shinsuke Nakamura def John Cena

This is a match that people thought they would never see but its happens now. Both men are in the ring and they stare each other down. Back and forth they mock one another. Nakamura is the first to get a good move in. They take turns using their skills on each other. A couple good vibrations from Nakamura, and a slam from Cena. WWE champion Jinder Mahal sits in his own skybox watching the match. Getting a second wind, Cena goes for a five knuckle shuffle but Nakamura was faking and gets him in a choke. Cena comes back with an STF. Nakamura bets out of it and both hit the mat exhausted. Almost getting a Kinshasa set up, Nakamura runs into a standing Cena who hits him with an AA. He hits another AA then rolls over and goes for a third one but Nakamura gets out of it and gives Cena a flip over suplex and Cena lands right on his neck. It looked so, so bad but it sets up another Kinshasa and Nakamura takes out Cena and gets the win. Nakamura will face Jinder Mahal at SummerSlam for the WWE championship!

What a good show this week. Both hours played through well and there was some great action in the ring. I can’t wait until next week. Until then!

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