FightClub Pro, International Tekkers Review, 28/7/17

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By Mark Worrall @hoohoowozza

The move to the Starworks warehouse has been a wise one for the Wolverhampton based promotion, their biggest crowd to date (excluding the Dream tag team invitational) witnessed a show full of the best talent the independent world has to offer amongst the regulars that fill many a Fight Club Pro card. It can be safe to say that Fight Club Pro are now becoming one of the biggest promotions amongst the British Wrestling scene, even now on a par with Progress! This show equalled any other show the promotion has put out so far; this is my review of a great night of wrestling.



As with many Fight club shows the pre-show offers trainees from the FCP dojo to get a chance to showcase themselves, Elijah is a wrestler I have not seen before myself and he had a tough ask tonight as the surprise opponent – Mark Andrews! Andrews of course is not a FCP trainee, however, he did let Elijah get some offence before putting his opponent away with not much difficulty. It was obvious Andrews was the more experienced man with Elijah struggling to keep up to Andrews standards.


Haskins is intense, and his style of wrestling is fast, hard and very difficult for any opponent to deal with and this match saw Haskins go straight for the jugular has he dominated the early settings of the match against Fletcher, who himself is fighting only his second singles match since debuting in Fight Club Pro a few months back. However, chants of ‘Aussie Arrow’ echoed around the packed out Starworks warehouse which is testament to the young Australian who as simply won this crowd over in such a short amount of time. The lanky opponent of Haskins was certainly not going to let the experienced man from Malvern dominate him throughout, countering the offence from Haskins with moves that seem almost ridiculous for a man of his height. Of course experience finally shone through as Haskins found a way to lock Fletcher in his patterned Sharpshooter forcing him to submit. A nice embrace post match as there were no losers here, just a great match.


Devlin took to the mic only for his natural heat stopping him from speaking as a chorus of boos interrupted anything he had to say! With Spud continuing with his back to basics 2002 Spud, along with another rising Australian in Mark Davis we had ourselves a decent three way match that saw Davis imposing himself with some big moves that Devlin took most of the brunt of. Devlin may gain natural heat, but he knows what he is doing as cleverly he pinned spud after pushing Davis away after the Australian had hit a hard hitting piledriver on the young rookie Spud!


CCK may be the most over tag team in British wrestling at the moment, and as a team they should not work, but they do! The team of Extra Talented continue to tour the UK with this their second appearance at a Fight Club Pro show. Stand out for this team must be Ricky Starks who was a workhorse throughout the match, bearing most of the punishment and having to save several spots from Lycos in the process, not to put down the wolf, his work alongside Brooks as made them a formidable team, however Lycos found himself attempting too much at times needing Starks to rally to protect the moveset. Chris Brookes would pin Solo to gain victory for the current Fight Club Pro champion and his partner, however, credit to Ricky Starks for a great showing.

Jimmy Havoc and Clint Margera challenged CCK post match to a CZW tag title defence at the upcoming Project Mayhem two night events in September which will be no disqualification. They also issued an open challenge for the August show.


Seeing Keith lee in person was simply a treat for me, his current Evolve run as put the Texas native on the wrestling map, and his showing during this match was evidence that Lee is becoming a big star. Birmingham native Omari was just a young rookie, still fairly green when I first laid my eyes on him two years ago at a Kamikaze Pro event, but how he has grown in those two years, now having big match opponents can only help Omari grow. Lee dominated Omari, hitting big time moves, finishing with a grin plastered across his face, Omari seemed like a sponge, he absorbed everything Lee threw at him, and even a flip to the outside saw Lee catching Omari who would become the recipient of an apron bomb. Whatever Lee hit Omari with, Omari would find a way to escape until a moment when a kick out would see the smile disappear from Lee’s face as he got serious which somehow enabled Omari to roll up the big American to score a unexpected win. This was match of the night for me, Lee did not disappoint, and Omari was excellent. A stunning must see match.


So Martina and Shay are now officially a tag team, yes, I know! This was a comedy tag match against Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae that was actually really entertaining, although Joey Ryan’s expression at times made me wonder if he really expected to be facing a team such as Barely Legal! Of course there were lollipops aplenty with even someone from the crowd getting to eat one, and as with most Martina’s recent matches, sweets were introduced to the ring. Ryan got the pin on Shay to pick up the win for the world’s cutest tag team leaving Barely Legal in the ring as Dan Moloney made an appearance attacking Martina as he continues to have an issue with her. For me, however thankful I am for Dan attacking Martina, this seems a waste of Moloney’s talent and this feud is futile.


Another six man main event involving British Strong Style, just with different opponents! Nothing wrong with that, as long as it keeps entertaining then everyone is happy. However, it has become somewhat obvious to me that each match, and finding something different to do in each match becomes slightly more difficult, and somewhat dangerous as a great portion of the match was spent outside the ring as all six used the warehouse to execute moves in whatever objects became available. Watching Dunne and Seven sending Travis Banks head first into the railings sent shivers in a move that really seemed unnecessary! Not to take anything away from the match, all six complimented each other superbly, hearing Low Ki sending instructions to his teammates was priceless. British Strong Style was victorious picking up another win, and with the Chikara Trios coming to Starworks in September these six men matches are totally relevant. A great main event, but personally it would be nice to see the members of BSS in some singles action, especially Tyler Bate who has seemingly become just a tag team man and really needs a singles run that made him the man he has become.

The show was outstanding, Fight Club Pro are becoming the best company in Brit Wres at the moment, and if I show any negativity, it is only minute and for the best of the performers. Loving this company, and as a season ticket holder I feel privileged to be able to attend each show. Another announcement from Trent really excited me with the trio of Maasaki Mochizuki, CIMA & Eita, representing DragonGate, and Sami Callihan, Dave & Jake Crist from Pro Wrestling Revolver making their way to Fight Club Pro on both nights of the Project Mayhem shows this September! Seeing members of DragonGate at a British Wrestling show is immense, I for one am only happy I purchased front row tickets back in April!

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