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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

It’s time for Monday Night RAW and this week is gonna be one hell of a show! With what might be an interesting Miz to all the way to the triple threat main event match involving the three “Monsters” of the red brand. Now let’s strap in and hold on to our seats…

Were in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania tonight, Kurt Angle’s hometown, and the show starts off with general manager in the ring. Announcing some of what will go down tonight, Angle gets the show started but is interrupted by the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and his advocate Paul Heyman. Lesnar and Heyman make their way to the ring to talk about his match at SummerSlam. Heyman announces that if Lesnar looses his title at SummerSlam then he will leave the WWE, and Heyman will go with him.

The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy) def Luke Gallows & Carl Anderson

The Revival join the commentary table to watch this match, and I’m sur they will get involved somehow. Matt and Anderson start the match and as the Hardy’s use their long time tag team skills, they control things for the beginning of the match. When Gallows tags in, he uses his size to keep Jeff in his place until he sneaks in a twist of fate to take out Gallows. We get a quick “DELETE” from Matt as he unleashes on Anderson. When it looked like Matt was gonna take it home, Gallows gives him a kick to the back of the head. Anderson tries to set up Matt but Jeff saves him then hits the swanton on Anderson and gets the win. On their way out all three teams have a bit of a brawl on the stage. When things are said and done, the Hardy’s are left standing.

Renee interviews Dean Ambrose about his match last week. Seth Rollins steps in and Ambrose tells him their will be no Shield reunion at all. Rollins runs into the RAW tag team champions, as they make fun of him he gets pissed and challenges one of them to a match tonight. Sheamus accepts the challenge.

6 Man Cruiserweight Tag Match

Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander & Akira Tozawa w/Titus O’Neil def Tony Neese, Aria Daivari & TJP

Neese and Alexander start the match and the crazy action begins. Alexander controls things for a bit until Swann tags in. Then Tozawa tags in. These three keep things moving like a well oiled machine until Neese attacks Tozawa’s hurt shoulder. O’Neil tries to get Tozawa to call it quits but he refuses to do that. Daivari works over the shoulder of Tozawa a bit. Swann and Alexander get the crowd going with Tozawa’s yell and he gets the tag. Things get a bit wild and Swann, Alexander and Tozawa all dive to the outside taking all three of their opponents out. Back in the ring TJP gets kicked by Swann and Tozawa hits his senton bomb and pins TJP.

Miz TV is up next and the Miz, Maryse and the Miztourage (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel) come to the ring. The crowd boo’s the Miz as he gets Miz TV started. Waisting no time at all, he calls out his guest Jason Jordan, who has some new weird enterance music. The Miz will not let Jordan finish a thought.

Miz offers to guide Jordan’s career and for him to join the Miztourage. Jordan declines of course. The bickering back and forth starts to piss off the Miz and things start to get heated. Jordan gets in Miz’s face for talking about his father and Miz makes a mistake as Jordan suplex’s him into the Miztourage.

Seth Rollins def Sheamus (1/2 RAW tag team champion) w/ Cesaro

I don’t know why but there is no more pyro as the superstars enter the arena anymore. Rollins entrance song has added a new line “burn it down”. I like it a lot, it works for sure. These two attack each other right away and Rollins controls early on. Cesaro runs interference allowing Sheamus to get a hand up. Sheamus uses his toughness to do his best to win, a rolling Denton almost does it, but not quite. Rollins comes back getting some momentum sending Sheamus to the floor. A suicide dive follows taking out Sheamus. Cesaro tried to get involved but Rollins catches him taking him out. He rolls up Sheamus and gets the win. A pissed off Sheamus attacks Rollins and the crowd chants ” we want Ambrose” and Ambrose comes to Rollins aide but the tag team champions take him down too. I see a tag team title match in the very near future, maybe at SummerSlam?

Brey Wyatt comes to the ring to talk about and address Finn Balor. He rants on with his own way of explaining things, dark and weird, like each time he enters the ring. The lights go out, when they come back on Balor is in the ring. Finn pulled a Brey trick. Wyatt tries to attack but Balor takes him out quick. Maybe we will get to see Brey Wyatt vs The Deamon King.

Triple Threat Match

Roman Reigns def Samoa Joe & Braun Strowman

With triple threat rules, that means there is no countout in this match so this is gonna be a destructive mess. Strowman takes control first taking out both Joe and Reigns. Unless a team up against Strowman happens, I see things going the way he wants them to. Both men try their best to take it to the monster and with him on the floor Joe and Reigns go for it. It doesn’t last long as Strowman pulls Joe out of the ring by his feet. Reigns and Strowman fight in the crowd until Joe gets to his feet. Reigns runs towards Strowman and gets the shit kicked out of him. Meanwhile Joe catches his breath in the ring. It looks like this match will never get back into the ring but then Strowman throws Reigns into the ring about 30 feet. Strowman throws the stairs in the ring but he doesn’t get to use them. Reigns takes Strowman out with the stairs and he spears Joe them pins him for the win.

Enzo Amore and Big Show talk backstage and Enzo apologizes for getting Big Show into this situation with Big Cass and he thanks him for having his back.

Elias Sampson def Kalisto

Sampson is in the ring ready to sing his song of the night but is interrupted by his opponent for tonight, Kalisto. Keeping control of his head, Kalisto slows down the beginning of the match. Sampson gains control wrenching on the back of Kalisto. Throwing him around the ring gives Sampson control but he can’t get the pin. Working on the back again, Kalisto looks like he hurts bad. Every time Kalisto gets going, Sampson takes him out. A drift away gives Sampson the win.

Seeing RAW women’s champion Alexa Bliss being interviewed, she says she’s happy that Bayley is her opponent at SummerSlam instead of Sasha Banks. Rollins and Ambrose discuss what happened earlier tonight in Rollins match against Sheamus.

Bayley def Nia Jax

Bayley goes right for Jax but gets stopped quick and taken down with a headbutt. Trying to throw Jax into the corner turns into Bayley ending up on the floor shoulder first. Back in the ring, Bayley breaks out of a full nelson and sends Jax into the corner. Bayley ending up on the outside shaking off her shoulder almost gets her counted out. Jax mocks Bayley by putting her hair in a side ponytail. Cradling her arm, Bayley still gets in her moves. Bliss comes out of nowhere and tries to take out Bayley but it doesn’t happen. Jax checks on Bliss then goes for Bayley but she misses and hits the steel steps. Bayley slides back in the ring and the ref counts out Jax and Bayley wins the match.

Big Cass is backstage and he talks about his match with the Big Show tonight and how he’s gonna win no matter what.

Big Cass def Big Show w/Enzo by DQ

Enzo enters the ring and spills off his mouth taking out Big Cass. Big Show comes to the ring ready for his match. Cass comes out and heads for the ring. Show waists no time taking down Cass. Show dominates the match all the way through using every move he can think of until the choke slam. That let’s Cass take his turn on the beat down. Enzo plays cheerleader on the outside trying to get Show going. Cass gives Show a massive boot and Enzo jumps on Cass back but gets taken out quick. Show,back to his feet, gives Cass a knockout punch. Cass wins the match but Show took him out. Show helps Enzo to the back.

This week was an OK week for RAW. There were some decent matches tonight. I wasn’t expecting for the Big Show/Big Cass match to be the main event but either way it was a decent show I give it a 7 out of 10!

Until Next Week!

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