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By Luke Dorsch @Luke_Dorsch

As is the norm in this business the news and rumors never stop so let’s jump right in to it! In an update from last week it seems that although Alberto El Patron has been cleared of any suspected wrong doings and is no longer a suspect in the incident with his fiancée’ WWE Diva Paige, El Patron will not be reinstated as Global Force Wrestling (GFW) consultants Bruce Prichard and Dutch Mantel revealed during a media conference call on the 26th of July that GFW that, “We’re doing an internal review of it because it’s something we don’t take lightly, when that’s completed, we will release our findings.” –Dutch Mantel. Alberto El Patron will remain on suspension until GFW completes their own investigation.

Continuing with GFW news their President Ed Nordholm spoke with Sports Illustrated this week essentially to give an update on the status of the “Broken Hardy’s” gimmick. A small excerpt below:

“Sports Illustrated reported that both the Hardy’s and Anthem were close to an agreement that would have sold the “Broken Universe” intellectual property for somewhere between $10 and $15,000 but it fell apart when Anthem reportedly increased its financial demands from the Hardys. Sources have reported that the plan from Anthem and Jeff Jarrett was to purposely draw out the process. Was there ever a deal in place, and, if so, what prevented it from completion?”

“What prevented it from completion is that we’ve never come to terms. I have made numerous efforts, going back to February and the time of the cease and desist letter (Ring of Honor for advertising the Broken Hardys for their 15th Anniversary PPV) to make an arrangement with Matt Hardy to use the gimmick. Every time we have those conversations, they sort of start warm then end up not coming to fruition due to an inability to come to an agreement as to what basis I would confer those rates on him.” The whole interview with Ed Nordholm is available at

So basically it sounds like Nordholm and Jeff Jarrett have no intention of budging with their stance regarding the intellectual property both parties are claiming ownership of.

The patriarch of the Broken Universe had this to say to the Sports Illustrated Article: REBORN by FATE .@EdNordholm did an interview in which he BLATANTLY LIED to defame me. I have this entire convo recorded for proof. Checking with lawyers. 8:27 PM – Jul 26, 2017

Announced this week by ESPN that the 30 for 30 documentary on the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair will premiere on Tuesday November 7, 2017 at 10pm EST on ESPN. A nice excerpt of the press release via ESPN is below:

Real or Fake? It’s a question that’s long shadowed professional wrestling. But for one of the industry’s most legendary performers, there’s never been any separation between the ring and the world around it. His story starts in the Midwest, when a young Richard Fliehr set his sights on rising to stardom in a unique world, and decided to do anything necessary to get to where he wanted. A character was born, along with a singular desire “to be the man,” and a drive that made him as popular and polarizing as any figure ever to step into the ring. The success took a considerable toll – on his body, and on his wives and children – and in 2013 came a tragic postscript. But today, Flair remains as defiant as ever, proud of his legacy, eager to remain in the spotlight. This is the story of a man, a character, and their unbreakable connection.

To my knowledge this is the first documentary done on the Nature Boy that’s not affiliated with any kind of wrestling promotion so it should be interesting to see their take on the legendary career of perhaps the best professional wrestler of his or any generation.

In WWE news this week on RAW the main event for Summer Slam was announced (full RAW review on where we’ll see WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar in a fatal four way championship match with Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns, and Braun Strowman. I expect a title change. Over on the Smack Down Live show they’re dealing with the fall out of a very mediocre Battle Ground PPV from last Sunday in which Kevin Owens regained the United States Championship in what many are claiming was a botched finish on the part of the referee, which led to the title changing hands again on Tuesday’s episode of Smack Down Live with AJ Styles reclaiming the gold. Also on Smack Down Live we were treated to the surprise return of Chris Jericho who was featured in the US title match.

As we all know by now Talking Smack’s weekly show has been cancelled on the WWE Network and the hosts of the show Renee Young and Daniel Bryan were seemingly the last to know, finding out the same as most of us on social media. Well in typical Bryan fashion he cracked some jokes on WWE this week with the first installment of “Smacking Talk” which was promised to be aired on TOUT, but was actually aired on Twitter (due to TOUT being a colossal failure and bad investment on the part of WWE) where Bryan revealed to the world that he too has an illegitimate son with an amateur wrestling background, former member of American Alpha….Chad Gable. This was fantastic and it was the best WWE bit I’ve seen in a while. Bryan took to the Twitter machine and had this to say: Bewildering? Really? Daniel Bryan After 5,000+ retweets and 15,000+ likes, @wwe finally acknowledged #SmackingTalk, then called it “bewildering.” #YesMovementPart2 is coming! … 4:16 PM – Jul 26, 2017

Leave it to WWE to cancel the closest thing to unscripted kayfabe interviews. Some of the best moments of the past year have been on Talking Smack, giving the talent a chance to learn to think on their feet and cut some really fun promos.

Sticking with WWE, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that post Summer Slam we could expect another “Super Star Shake-Up”. There was just a roster shake-up in April after WrestleMania but the word is to expect another come the fall. The only major difference is that current main roster WWE Super Stars could potentially be sent back down to NXT. It would apparently be for the superstars that were NXT’s biggest stars but failed to get the “push” on the main roster and who they feel would be more beneficial to the NXT brand. This could be a big thing for guys who were about to or have had a big push on the main roster someone like a Finn Balor or a Shinsuke Nakamura etc. who are not even close to being utilized correctly. I guess we’ll wait and see what happens after Summer Slam.

I also mentioned last week that WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar was interested in trying to get back into the USADA testing pool for a potential return to MMA. As I reported last week Jeff Novitzky stated that was an impossibility. Yet, on 26 July at the UFC 214 press conference, Dana White was asked if there was any truth to this rumor regarding Brock Lesnar. White denied any meeting what so ever between him and Brock, but former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and UFC 214 headliner said that, “After I finish this with DC then I’ll deal with Brock!” The WWE Universal Champion responded with, “Would I fight Jon Jones? Anytime, anywhere, but right now he should be worried about DC (Daniel Cormier) on Saturday night.”

I’ve read conflicting reports regarding Lesnar’s suspension as to whether it’s a two year suspension or an 18 month suspension. Dave Meltzer is reporting that it’s an 18 month suspension and that if everything goes the way it should, then potentially Brock could fight by December 2017 or January 2018.

In NJPW the G127 is continuing to roll on and night after night they are putting out the best matches of the year thus far. At this point the leaders in the A-Block are: Tetsuya Naito, Hiroshi Tanahashi, and Zack Sabre, Jr all coming in at 6 points, with Tomohiro Ishii, Kota Ibushi, Togi Makabe, Hirooki Goto, and Bad Luck Fale following at 4 points.

Over in the B-Block we have (of course) Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada both coming in at 6 points, and Minoru Suzuki and EVIL following at 4 points. Night after night NJPW is showing why they are literally the best professional wrestling on the planet. Well that seems to be all the meat and potato’s for this week, I’ll be back next week for whatever news breaks in our world of professional wrestling.

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