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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Impact starts with Grado getting ready to ask Laurel Van Ness to marry him so he can stay in the country. What went down between LAX and Alberto El Patron and his family last week is shown before the action starts. It’s Impact day in Florida so the mayor is the guest ring announcer tonight. Let’s see what happened on this episode.

Six Man Tag Match

Eli Drake, Chris Adonis & EC3 def Eddie Edwards, Marufuji & Moose (Impact Grand Champion)

Drake and Edwards start off the match and Drake gets taken down. Edwards is on a mission to be the first person in impact to hold every title at least once so he is laser focused tonight. A few tags by both teams keep the match moving at a quick pace. Moose steps in the ring and Drake, Adonis and EC3 scatter. Adonis decides to take him on but with a dropkick, Moose, stops him in his tracks. Marufuji uses his quickness in the ring, like a video game, precision. Marufuji and Edwards do a bit of double teaming during the match and it puts their team on top, but only for a few moments. Drake and Adonis did most of the work for their team while EC3 stayed on the outside biding his time. When he does tag in, he doesnt stay long. The match was all Drake and Adonis but when Moose tries to get the win, EC3 takes him out and wins for his team.

We see Richard Justice “The Stand By Wrestler” warming up backstage in case he is needed in the ring. Then exactly what I’ve been waiting for, the OVE video for the first time is shown!

Lashley enters the impact zone and heads to the ring and calls out Bruce Pritchard. He wants to know why anyone can walk into impact and get a title shot. He wants a main event match at Destination X for the world heavyweight title. Matt Sydal comes out and heads to the ring. He gets in Lashley’s face and gets layer out. Hopping right back up he takes out Lashely.

Super X Cup First Round Match

Taiji Ishimori (NOAH Jr. Heavyweight Champion) def Davey Richards

Another Super X Cup first round match tonight, now this ones gonna be a great one. These two are the veterans of the tournament. The winner of this match will face ACH in the next round. Ishimori takes control quickly as he fly’s around the ring. Richards tries to bring a chair in the ring but the ref stops him and takes it away. Richards uses kicks and an Indian deathlock to try and make Ishimori tap but he won’t. Richards spends too much time yelling and arguing with the crowd and it costs him. Ishimori gets a double knee and a shinning wizard on Richards. Than softens him up so Ishimori can hit a 450 splash and win the match. Ishimori advances to the next round of the Super X Cup.

Pritchard announces that Lashley and Sydal will have a match at Destination X and the winner will get a shot at their respective title.

Last Knockout Standing Unified Knockouts Title Match

Sienna (GFW Unified Knockouts Champion) def Rosemary

Attacking fast, Rosemary goes for the kill right away. It only takes a moment for Rosemary to go for a table. Setting it up in the corner, she grabs Sienna ready to send her through it. Turning things around, Sienna gets a Samoan drop then goes for a table of her own. Both women slam chairs together, hurting their hands, then they head to the outside and into the crowd. Rosemary drags Sienna up the steps and puts her in a reverse tarantula on the barrier fence. They work their way back to the ring but both women are worn out but Sienna, up first, gets Rosemary up and they slug it out. An AK47 to the floor almost gets Rosemary counted out. She gets back in the ring and takes out Sienna with a chair. A red wedding on a chair takes out Sienna but KM helps her up. Rosemary climbs to the top turnbuckle and Sienna throws a trash can at her sending her through a table on the outside. The fall takes Rosemary out because she can’t get up. Sienna retains her title.

Back to Grado again, he is almost ready to go through with popping the question. We see an interview with Alberto El Patron who talks about his gauntlet match tonight.

Octagoncito def Trevor Lee

Lee has a mic and announces his opponent for tonight. It’s Octagoncito! Octagoncito shows off his kip up skills until Lee decides to attack. Lee fights with the X Division title around his waist. He’s done that ever since he stole it from the real champion Sonjay Duty. Octagoncito gets some speedy moves in and Lee decides to leave and gets himself counted out. Duty runs in and tries to attack Lee but security stops him because he is still banned from the impact zone. Octagoncito wins the match.

Joseph Park and Grado head to the ring and we finally get to see the bright orange tux he is wearing. He calls for Laurel Van Ness but Sienna tries to stop her. In the ring, Grado calls Ness knockout gorgeous and he pops the question. Allie comes out to congratulate Laurel but Braxton Sutter grabs he and makes her go backstage. Music hits and Kongo Kong comes to the ring. Grado didn’t get his answer.

Gauntlet Match

Alberto El Patron (GFW impact Unified World Champion) def LAX (Homicide, Ortiz & Santana)

Homicide is up first in this gauntlet match. Patron takes him out in about a minute. Ortiz is up next and he attacks right away trying to take him out. Patron has been on fire this whole match so far until a double team slows him down. Patron still gets a double stomp on Ortiz and gets the pin. That sends the final man in, Santana. He throws Patron to the outside and all of LAX stomps on him. Throwing him back in the ring, Patron gets his hands on Konan but gets stopped. Putting a cross arm breaker on Santana, Patron almost wins with a tap out but LAX comes in and attacks. They beat him down but Patron’s brother comes in to help, so does Patron’s father but LAX is still too much. VOW comes out to help too and that sends LAX running. Patron wins the match by DQ.

Impact is looking better and better each week and I know its only gonna get better. Destination X is a few weeks away so until then things should heat up.

Until Next Week!

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