WWE NXT Review, 27/7/17


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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

It’s time for my favorite hour of wrestling, it’s time for NXT! This week should not disappoint. Here we go….

Ember Moon def Lei’D Tapa

Tapa has some size on Moon but Moon seems to not even care one bit. Tapa lays out Moon right away. She hits her with a huge headbutt then Moon comes back with a tornado suplex. With some kicks, she puts Tapa in a daze. That was Moon’s que to go up top and hit a nasty Eclipse. Moon calls out Asuka at TakeOver Brooklyn after the match.

The Authors of Pain (NXT tag team champions) vs. David Ramos & Timothy Bumpers

Nikki Cross stops AOP on their way to the ring. As she does that Killian Dain and Alexander Wolf take out Ramos and Bumpers. Sanity awaits AOP and when they hit the ring, all hell breaks loose. Sanity is on top at first but AOP quickly takes them out. Ramos and Bumpers……uhh thanks for coming.

The Velveteen Dream def Cezar Bononi

Dream has such a heavy punch when he goes full force, and he goes full force on Bononi. Early on Bononi takes over but only for a few moments. He does get a nice falcon arrow though. When Dream gets up he hits a death valley bomber on Bononi that sets him up for his flying elbow and the one, two, three.

William Regal makes Ember Moon and Asuka’s match at TakeOver Brooklyn official. Moon will get her one on one title shot. Drew McIntyre comes to the ring to address the WWE universe. McIntyre destroyed the Indy scene and now that he’s back in the WWE, he deserves to be champion. The crowd gives McIntyre a “chosen one” chant as he talks about his first run in WWE. He goes on a rant like he’s Brave heart and gets full said behind him with cheers. McIntyre is ready for his match with NXT champion Bobby Roode.

Kassius Ohno def Hideo Itami – Via DQ

Itami has been on a “pissed off” kick as of late and tonight his long time friend, Ohno, feels it’s his place to shut him down. We have some rolling around the mat to start off the match but then the fists start to fly. Itami comes back with heavy kicks. A guillotine leg drop sends Ohno to the floor. Ohno takes a lot of kicks from Itami as he tries to figure out how to come back. Looking Itami in the eyes, Ohno takes the kicks given to him. Ohno comes back with some clotheslines and a shinning wizard. Then, a cyclone boot and a senton still can not take out Itami. Ohno goes for his spinning forearm and Itami kicks Ohno right in the balls getting himself disqualified. He beats the hell out of Ohno and hits him with two GTS. The WWE universe boo him as he leaves. He turns around, comes back and gives Ohno a GTS right on the steel steps.

That was uncalled for but I’m sure that Ohno will get his revenge sooner then later. NXT this week was kind of quick paced. The first three matches were over in minutes. The main event, however, that was a match for sure.

Until Next Week!

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