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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

As the Cueto Cup winds down, we only have two matches tonight. The last two Cueto Cup matches. There is also a non Cup match tonight, now let’s get ready for action.

Texano def The Mack

Two of the biggest men on the Lucha Underground roster are about to battle it out. Mack uses his flipping skills to stay away from Texano. They shake hands and get going at each other again. Texano ends up on the floor and Mack flips over the top onto him. The match moves back in the ring and Mack keeps things close to the mat. The believers get behind Mack as he does his chops then Texano gets his chops in too. On the outside again, both men are out of it. When they get back in the ring, Mack gets a massive slam on Texano. Famous B comes in the ring and squirts Mack with a squirt gun then Mack gives him a stunner. Texano takes advantage of the distraction as he powerbombs Mack and gets the pin. Texano advances in the Cup.

Pentagon Dark def Drago w/Kobra Moon

This should be the best match of the entire tournament. The two go after each other and they go hard. We have a flip over the top rope by Drago onto Dark. Drago slams Dark into the wall before sending him back in the ring. A back and forth clothesline in the corner from both men moves the match along. Both try pins but neither can make it stick. Moon, on the outside, tries to control Drago. There are amazing moves from each man and you can see the welts on Drago’s back. Drago goes up high and get’s a splash on Dark but he comes back with a package pile driver and pins Drago. Moon comes in the ring and Dark kicks the hell out of her. Then Aerostar comes in and takes out Dark. Then Dark breaks his arm.

Rey Mysterio Jr. def “The Darewolf” PJ Black

Mysterious faces Munro in four weeks for his title but tonight Black is giving him a run for his money. They end up on the floor and Black uses his cockyness to make himself look good. Back in the ring, Black works on Mysterio’s arm and back. Mysterio goes for a 619 but Black stops him with a forearm. Mysterio gets a dropkick a d it looks like them match may go his way. Kick after kick by both men wear them out. Mysterio gets a beautiful moonsault to the outside. Some vintage Mysterio takes down Black. He goes up top but Black stops him quick. A cocky cover doesn’t allow Black to win. Mysterio has too much heart to give up like that. A spinning DDT takes out the ref and Johnny Mundo comes in a beats down Mysterio. Jack Evens comes in and also takes a crack at Mysterio. Dragon Azteca comes to Mysterio’s aide but Taya stops him. Black covers Mysterio but he kicks out and with a 619 and a frogsplash, he pins Black. Mysterio warns Mundo that in four weeks he will win the Lucha Underground title.

This week was action packed and with the second round of the Cueto Cup over with, next week starts round three and shits gonna get nuts for sure.

Until Then!

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