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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Time for SDLive ladies and gentleman! Five nights before Battleground, tonight should be a good one. Let’s find out.

The show starts with the Singh brothers announcing the WWE champion Jinder Mahal. The Punjabi Prison is surrounding the ring. I don’t remember this match so maybe I’ll have to go back on the network and watch them. Mahal says that the prison will be the end of Orton. The Singh brothers explain the rules of the match for us while the WWE universe chants for Orton. Of course he shows up and climbs the prison while he has a talk with the champ. This match on sunday should be interesting.

Jimmy USO w/Jay USO vs. Kofi Kingston w/The New Day

The Usos enter the ring first and they wait while the New Day enters. The bell rings and the action begins. Kofi stomps away on Jimmy and tries for a pin. Using his high flying ability, Kofi, takes Jimmy down on the outside. Back in the ring Kofi works on Jimmy’s arm. Again on the outside Kofi eats it on the ring apron. It’s a back and forth typical match and in the end Jimmy steals the win. Not so exciting seeing these two teams anymore.

Shane McMahon makes a women’s match for tonight, Becky Lynch will face Charlotte. We will also hear from Chad Gable on the whole Angle being Jordan’s father thing tonight. He wonders why Jordan never talked to him.

Mike Kanellis w/Maria vs. Sami Zayn

Finally Kanellis is making his in ring debut and if what he did on Impact rolls over in the ring on SDLive then we are in for a treat. This match has been building ever since Mike and Maria showed up, but after the vase incident, Zayn will not hold back. Kanellis tries to get away but Zayn stops him and takes things back in the ring. Zayn usually gets beat down in most of his matches but he is taking it to Kanellis until Maria gets involved. With her interference, Kanellis gets a punch to Zayn and wins his debut.

Cena comes to the ring to talk about Battleground and his flag match against Rusev. What will you remember from the pay per view if anything? A flag being waved is pretty memorable if I say so myself. When Cena was done and was trying to leave, Rusev attacked him.

Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch

These two friends will have to face each other tonight and it should be a good match. Both of these women were part of the four horsewomen in NXT. The others being Sasha Banks and Bayley. I don’t

know if this match will dampen their friendship but both of them want a shot at Naomi’s title. Early in the match things are even but Charlotte shows off a little to much. Using a few new moves she looks good in the ring but you can never count Lynch out. Both in and out of the ring they took it to each other hard. In the middle of the ring Lynch made Charlotte tap out giving her the win. After a hand shake and the bell, Tamina and Lana and Natalya show up and all hell breaks loose. A bit of a preview of Sundays pay per view.

Renee talks to the SDLive women’s champion about SummerSlam and the match at Battleground. She’s interrupted by Mrs. Money in the Bank Carmella who warns Naomi with her briefcase. The Fashion X Files “the truth is not H” was the best thing on the entire show tonight. It is so damn funny each week.

AJ Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kevin Owens & Baron Corbin

The main event is gonna be amazing tonight. The four best superstars on SDLive are in first time ever tag match together. Nakamura and Corbin have been feuding lately and Styles just took Owens US title from him and Owens wants revenge. Corbin tries to attack Nakamura on the ramp but Nakamura sees him and it turns into a brawl. Owens jumps in the fight then Styles too. In the ring the match finally evens out and Styles is double teamed. Nakamura and Styles work like a well oiled machine. The action ends up in and out of the ring and things work well either way. When the bell rings Owens and Corbin’s hands are raised.

The show was decent this week. I guess because of the pay per view in five days there wasn’t much effort tonight. We did get a debut and a good main event. I can’t wait until sunday, its gonna be one hell of a Battleground.

Until next week!

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