WWE RAW Preview, 17/7/17


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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Another week is upon us and to start off the week in the WWE Universe Monday Night RAW may be a shocking one. We saw last week our General Manager Kurt Angle on the phone with someone who he has invited to be on the show this week so they can tell, together, something that could in fact effect his career. Over the past few weeks we have seen Angle and also commentator Cory Graves receiving text messages from someone and this will be the show that we find out who this mystery person is. It has to be someone important in Angle’s life because last week before he hung up the phone he told whoever on the other end that he loves them. There have been a few speculations to who this mystery person is and the one that I believe it to be is none other then Mrs. Dixie Carter from TNA. I may be way off but she is the one that seems to be making the internet buzz. I just can’t wait until the show comes on.

Another big thing happening on this weeks RAW is the match between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe to determine who will face the WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar at the up coming 6 hour SummerSlam pay per view (I heard it will be 6 hours, don’t quote me on that). Last week these two were ready to throw down but Angle told them that if they fought before the match this week then he would cancel the match and neither one of them would get a shot at the title at SummerSlam. Both Reigns and Joe want to face Lesnar so they will beat the hell out of each other tomorrow night. I would like to see a triple threat at SummerSlam but I’m sure that Lesnar won’t go for that.

Some other things going down this week are the Hardy Boys have gotten themselves some new enemies in the returning Revival. It looks like the tag teams on RAW seem to think that the nostalgicness of the Hardy’s may be wearing off and they will “Fade Away and Classify Themselves as Obsolete” but I have a feeling that a change in “Broken” Matt and “Brother Nero” is coming a lot sooner then later. When that time comes the WWE universe is gonna blow a gasket for sure. Big Cass turning on Enzo Amore has been all the talk lately and last week Cass explained that he is 7 feet tall and noone can touch him, well Big Show had an answer for that last week and maybe this week we can get a match between the two giants of the red brand, or will that happen at SummerSlam?

With the shocker coming up, and the matches talked about above, along with everything else that’s been going on lately on RAW we are bound to have a half way decent show this week. Everyone building up the excitement for the up coming SummerSlam I’m sure that more matches will be made in the next few weeks. Maybe this week will kick some of that off for us. If you don’t want to be out of the loop be sure to catch this weeks show. I’ll be watching there is no doubt about that!


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