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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Time for the only WWE program that most people don’t get to see. Its time for Main Event! Let’s see how our superstars did it their matches this week…

This being the first Main Event following Great Balls of Fire, there is a lot of coverage involving what went down at the PPV. As always what went down on RAW this week is covered too.

Mickie James def. Emma

An unusual move this week, a women’s division match on Main Event doesn’t happen very often. As a matter of fact I can’t remember if I have ever seen one. Mickie, being a multi time women’s/divas champion, shows off her skills during this contest. Since Emma’s return, she has kicked some ass, I’m just glad that the powers that be de idedto go with the heel Emma and not the sexy Emma. I mean sexy Emma fits her tremendously well but in the ring being a heel is her thing. Backstage we see Dana Brooke watching the match on a tv. As she scouts the women in the ring she has a smirk on her face that says “I’m gonna get that chick” but is it Emma or Mickie that she’s looking at? I have to say that WWE really needs to push Emma more because in the ring she looks fantastic. It may have been because of her brilliant opponent Mickie but this match was better then any women’s match that’s been on RAW in a long, long time. SDLive is a different story. It looked a few times that Emma was gonna pull it off but in the end Mickie picked up the win.

TJP def. Lince Dorado

Our cruiserweight division have themselves a match next just like every week on Main Event since 205live began. The first ever cruiserweight champion TJP has had himself a bit of an attitude change as of late. Dropping the Perkins, weather that was Mr. McMahon and his hate for a restaurant or just TJ’s idea, it has come with a viciousness in his ring abilities. Dorado is such an amazing in ring talent and the mask thing boasts well with the younger audience for sure. Look at Rey Mysterio and the Lucha Dragons, Sincara and Kalisto their masks made them a lot of fans and the WWE a lot of money. WWE needs to capitalize on that and give him more of a push on Monday nights because 205Live just isn’t cutting it at all. Either way you look at it both of these men are great in the ring and this match was no exception. Dorado got a few of his high flying spots but TJP was just a little bit wiser tonight. With a detonation kick TJP picked up the win this week.

With all the coverage of the past week for the red brand this weeks episode was a jam packed show. Personally I enjoy seeing the superstars that we don’t often see. That way I watch Main Event every week.

Until next week!

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