The Review, ATTACK Pro Wrestling Present’s Neon Wristlock

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames

16/7/17 – Trinity Centre, Bristol

Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) def. The Anti-Fun Police (Travis Banks & Federales Jnr)

The opening to this event typified exactly what Attack Pro are about, from a memorable entrance by Bate and Seven, Travis Banks keeping a straight face and the antics of Federales Jnr, the bar was set high. As you already imagine the action was exceptional, Tyler, Trent and Travis are sublime workers and it shows, plus Federales is coming along just fine and did not look out of place. You got the impression that Moustache Mountain weren’t even breaking a sweat; they are that crisp in the ring, the action from both teams was slick and efficient as they told a tale. The amazingly talented and comical Federales Jnr impresses with every performance, he looked as if he belonged, and he has a very bright future. The Anti-Fun Police had their moments, especially when they subdued poor Trent in the corner as a laughing Tyler looked on, however Moustache mountain rallied to claim victory. A standing ovation followed.

6 Man Scramble Match – Ryan Smile def. Charlie Sterling, Drew Awesome, Jack Sexsmith, Omari & Elijah

As well as being a highly competitive match, it was also an exhibition of the best of the next level of guys ready to step up and take the spots now available. Ryan Smile has been one of the most exciting workers in Attack for quite some time, his ring work is so good and he makes every move count. Charlie Sterling is another who has really come into his own in the last six months, Sterling is scary good, he has the size, look and athletic ability, and it won’t be long before he is main eventing shows. Drew continues to be stuck in the late 90’s with his homage to the house of hardcore ECW, this month Drew Awesome made his way to Attack and even landed the DrewBomb, exciting stuff indeed, beneath the camaraderie Drew is a very good worker who will no doubt achieve great things. Those familiar with Progress and FightClub Pro instantly recognised the debuting Jack Sexsmith and Omari, they both looked right at home and settled in very quickly. As you can imagine the action was high flying and athletic, Ryan Smile once again continues to shine, he has over the last year become one of my favourite guys to watch live. Everyone has their moment, Elijah too looked good as a singles star, he already has achieved so much and he will continue to do so. Following some amazing exchanges and segments Ryan Smile picked up the victory following a Frog Splash.

ATTACK Pro 24/7 Title Match – Pete Dunne © def. Will Ospreay  

First out was current 24/7 Champion, Progress Champion and WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne, his challenger was current NJPW performer Will Ospreay, the audience were on their feet, it was a great moment. Per the first contest of the evening, it was clear how good this was going to be. Pete Dunne once again returned the superstar, everything about his act is catered for the world stage, there is no rushing and he takes his time and is so efficient at what he does. For Will Ospreay this was a great return to ATTACK, he returns an even better performer than before and exudes confidence. Once the “We hate Shay “echoed around the building the contest began and two of the UK’s best put on a clinic, from start to finish these two exhibited exactly why they are in the sports they are in. This was NJPW vs WWE for the 21st century; it also shows how far independent wrestling has come over the last two years. Like the opening tag match I don’t think these guys broke a sweat, they were exceptional, every move mattered and they hit each move with precision. Both got in their signature moves before Pete Dunne hit the Bitter End, Ospreay however kicked out, Dunne then locked in the Kimura Lock for the submission and to retain the title.

ATTACK Pro Tag Team Title Match – Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher def. CCK ©

At Thursday Night Throws in June Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher tore the house down; a day later they did the same at FightClub Pro. Only a month later and these two are on everyone’s lips, they came to make a name for themselves and they’ve done just that. Chris Brookes’ and Mondai Lykos continue to arguably be the most polished tag team in Europe, as CCK they have propelled themselves above all other teams and look continue that trend of the remainder of 2017. I don’t have the words to truly review this whole event, let alone this match. All four competitors were extremely good, CCK as a team has the tag game sown up, and every move is done with such ease. Davis & Fletcher played their roles well, they were out of their depth but at the same time they belonged in that ring. Kyle Fletcher looks like the next breakout cruiserweight, he is already at such a high level, as for Mark Davis the guy is a beast. Mark can move like a man half his size yet has the build and power of a heavyweight. The finishing sequence where he deadlifted Lykos into a Sit-Down Piledriver was something to see, again this guy is right up there as a top worker. Rather surprising depending on your thinking CCK lost their much loved Tag Championships, it was a great effort from all and it further enhanced the reputation as CCK as a team.  In a great show of respect Brookes’ and Lykos shook hands with the newly crowned champions post match, with a sense that this match could be revisited.

Mike Bird & Wild Boar def. Extra Talented (Aaron Solo & Ricky Starks)

The audience were on a massive high; therefore they needed bringing back down again. Bird & Boar were ideal for that. The no nonsense Welshman took the fight to Extra Talented and hammered them, it’s a treat seeing Bird and Boar in this environment and especially when they feel they want to make a statement. Extra Talented did show flashes of what they are capable of, their fluidity in the ring was nice to watch and they got themselves noticed again by a very buoyant crowd. In the end it was the pure violent nature of Bird and Boar that had this contest won, their hard hitting moves applied at such a high speed would have anyone rattled. At this rate and following their actions at Thursday Night Throws Mike Bird and Wild Boar could be challenging Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher very soon.

ATTACK Pro Title Match – Chief Deputy Dune © def. Flash Morgan Webster

After a wild undercard we finally came to our main event, Flanked by Travis Banks & Federales Jnr it was going to be a tough test for Flash Morgan. Webster started off the better as the audience sang their approval of the Modfather, Dunne struck back as the match went all over the trinity centre. There was one sequence which saw Chief Dunne German Suplex Flash over and into a pile of chairs; the audience drew breath as the ringside crew checked on Webster. The match continued with both Banks and Federales picking their moments to hamper the efforts of Flash, however the challenger kept going. Dunne took to telling everyone to stop having “FUNAHHH” to which everyone had even more fun, this really was a fun, fast paced main event. Both Dunne and Flash excel in the ring, their styles go together so well and it paid off for us all. After Webster’s continuous attempts were thwarted, the momentum swung back in the favour of the Anti-Fun Police, after Federales took a chair from the audience Dunne struck Flash with it. He then followed that up with an Elevated DDT from the top rope for the victory. The “FUNAHHH” was over for now!

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