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Charly Manson, Chessman and Cibernetico vs Kenzo Suzuki, El Mesias and Sean Waltman

Domo De La Muerte Cage Match


There are times when Mexico and Mexican wrestling feels like the barren outlaw wasteland that becomes temporary homes to any number of waifs and strays who mix with the locals, looking for a buck or two in a lawless world. Looking down the Triplemania XV card, just the names on the card and the booking itself is eye-opening, before you even get to the matches themselves.

Before the main event, you’d see a ladder match for the AAA World Tag Team Titles (with Crazy Boy and Joe Lider defeating Cuervo and Ozz to win the gold), a street fight between father and son as Fuerza Guerrera lost to Juventud Guerrera and an apuestas match that saw Super Fly take Super Calo’s mask. The more intruiging and downright odd matches were the last two, involving La Legion Extranjera, the loosely affiliated stable of foreign wrestlers with the occasional local. The semi-main had Head Hunter A, Ron Killings, Sabu and Rikishi beat the Animal, La Parka Jr., El Zorro and Latin Lover, with the rudo team a complete mishmash of talent. Not that the main event was much different – the Legion would be represented by Kenzo Suzuki, Sean Waltman and El Mesias as they took on Charly Manson, Chessman and Cibernetico.

With escape cage rules meaning that the wrestler left inside the cage at the end would lose their hair, the stakes were high for all the men involved. The ring announcer left the crowd in no doubt about who they had to support as he forced a ‘Mexico’ chant out of them as the cage slowly descended on the ring. In a typically Mexican case of strange editing, the start of the match would be lost to an advert break, meaning the all six men were mid-brawl as we returned to action. The cage, unlike the standard American ones, had a domed finish, making it especially challenging to escape from. No-one was slipping out the door on this one.

It would be Waltman who tried to leave the cage first; it was Waltman who took the first big bump as Chessman speared him off the cage. Waltman would also be blasted with spray from the Legion’s ringside valet, a move that then saw him pitched into the cage, knocking her to the concrete floor. The former X-Pac seemed to be at the heart of everything that was happening in the opening exchanges, stopping Manson from escaping the cage and planting him with the X-Factor for good measure. It would take both Waltman and Suzuki to halt Chessman’s progress as the match descended into a seemingly never-ending scramble for the top.

Cibernetico would send Waltman flying into the cage from a press slam, whilst also dropping Mesias and Waltman with a stunner. Suzuki would halt his ascent of the cage as footage showed Konnan – the leader of the Legion – at ringside with a chair in hand. As the crowd chanted their support for Cibernetico, Konnan would get involved from outside the cage, choking Chessman with a rope. A chair had been introduced at this point, with several of the wrestlers using it to halt their opponents from scaling the cage.

Charly Manson managed to escape the cage first, but he was quickly followed out by Waltman to even the match up. The two brawled at ringside as a precursor to setting up tables for a bump to come. Chessman and El Mesias would be the next two out, though Chessman would unceremoniously get pitched off of the cage and bounce off the tables set at ringside rather than crashing through them. Unsurprisingly, there was a clear and explicit concern for his safety at ringside.

Suzuki and Cibernetico were left in the contest, but a Mesias fireball missed its target, wiping out Suzuki and leaving him vulnerable to a Cibernetico chokeslam. Suzuki would try to chase him down, but ultimately fail. The fans were in raptures with the result, though it is worth noting that the wrestler with the least hair in the contest was the loser. The match, in reality, was a fairly insipid brawl rather than anything of real excitement, a contest that had seemingly injured one of its competitors and felt somewhat anticlimactic at the finish. The least you can say for it…it was definitely interesting.

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