Modern Vintage Wrestling Episode 15, The Review 7/7/2017


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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

This week on MVW we have two matches. First we have a women’s match between Jessica Troy and Sahara Seven. The second match is a four way match involving Caleb Konley, Arik Royal, Smith Garrett and one of my favorite Indy wrestlers “The Gift” Jason Kincaid. I’m looking forward to some exciting ring action so let’s get to it!

Jessica Troy vs. Sahara Seven

Troy controls the action early on in the match. She works on Seven’s arm until Seven throws her into the turnbuckle. A lot of kicks from both women go on but Seven gets a step up with kicking the shit out of Troy. A bit of a slip up when Troy trips over Seven doesn’t slow anything down at all. Seven get’s Troy’s head between her knees and she slaps her forehead a few times then she rolls her over and slams her head into the mat over and over. Seven tries for a roll up pin but Troy kicks out. With Troy in the corner Seven slams into her a few times. Trying to come back, Troy gets onto the top buckle and hits a cross body block then a northern lights suplex but she can’t get the pin. Back and forth it takes some effort but in the end Troy wins with a swinging fisher women’s suplex.

Caleb Konley vs. Arik Royal vs. Smith Garrett vs. Jason Kincaid (Fatal 4 Way)

The MVW champion Killer Kross enters the arena to watch this match with the rest of the Armstrong family. The winner of this match will get a shot at Kross’ championship at a later date. All four men finally in the ring the action starts. Royal goes at all three men but gets kicked out to the floor. Kincaid, Konley and Garrett have a bit of a round about almost suplex sending Garrett to the outside onto Royal. Kincaid suplex’s Garrett into the corner. Royal back in he tries to take over. Royal is the biggest man in this match, he spears Kincaid in the corner then tosses him across the ring. He does the same to Konley then he stomps on Garrett. Konley in the corner, gets big chops from Royal. An olympic slam from Garrett on Kincaid while Royal and Konley fight on the outside. Switching opponents, Royal and Garrett pound on each other. Kincaid tries to get back in the ring but Royal stops him with a kick. Konley makes a save on a pin from Royal on Garrett. Konley gets some momentum lifting Kincaid onto Royal as he sits on the top buckle. A hunacanrana from Kincaid on Royal gets some help from Konley.

So much action in this match, its hard to keep up with everything. Kincaid power bombs Konley onto Royal on the outside. Kincaid gets Royal and Konley in a double bulldog and with a leg drop on Garrett he takes out all three men at once. That’s what I love about Kincaid. He is so unorthodox in the ring. All four men are on the mat and Kincaid goes for a pin on all three other men. Konley saves a pin on Garrett by Royal again. Konley climbs to the top and get’s a moonsault on Royal but Kincaid gets a cutter off the top rope on Konley and get’s himself a pin. With the match over the Armstrong family tries to attack Kincaid but it doesn’t work out for them.

This weeks episode was freaking amazing! Kincaid won himself a title shot in the near future and I for one can’t wait to see it.

Until next week!

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