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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

NXT this week is looking like it may be an exciting episode. I for one am excited for every episode of NXT as it’s my favorite hour of the week. As we all know that at TakeOver Chicago there was a devastating break up between Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano of DIY. Ciampa really beat the hell out of Johnny Wrestling and he’s been out ever since. Tonight Gargano returns to Full Sail! It’s been more then seven weeks a d I’m sure Gargano is aching to get his hands on his ex partner Ciampa. More then likely he won’t be in action this week but he will be in the building.

The action we get this week should be pretty great, as in one match the NXT tag team champions The Authors of Pain (Akam and Rezar) along with their manager Paul Ellering, will defend their titles against the team that is next in line for a title shot, that being Heavy Machinery. Tucker Knight and his partner Otis Dozovic may be the team to stop A.O.P. in their tracks. Every other team that A.O.P. has faced has been basically half their size but Heavy Machinery is 500 plus pounds so I’m thinking a loss for the champs tonight.

Also this week we have the number one contendership match for The Glorious Bobby Roodes NXT championship. The newly returned to WWE Drew McIntyre will face the monster from Sanity Killian Dain. Roode faced Strong last week and of course he kept the title but between the two in the match tonight I don’t think it will matter who wins, Roode will definitely be in trouble either way. I’m completely excited about this week for a totally different reason then these matches.

The rumors out there are hinting towards a new face debuting this week in the NXT and that person will face my favorite superstar in NXT Aliester Black. This man is very well known in the Indy wrestling world and if you watch this week I know you will be completely in awe and excited to see him on the NXT roster.

I can’t wait for my favorite hour of weekly wrestling to air tomorrow and I hope everyone tunes in this week.

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