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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

It’s main event time again. Our non network show is going down so let’s find out what happened this week.

Rich Swan vs. Ariya Daivari

The first match up tonight is a cruiserweight match. Both men are ready when the bell rings and they go at each other with gusto. Swan gets some great flips with tremendous speed. On the apron, Daivari slams Swan into the ring post sending him to the floor hard. Back in the ring Daivari takes control keeping Swan grounded by cranking on his neck. Swan tries to get away but Daivari gets him in a crazy reversed sharp shooter kind of submission almost making him tap. Ever Corey Graves couldn’t name the submission Daivari used. A modified michinoku driver by Swan wears down Daivari and it sets Swan up for his Phoenix Splash. He hits it perfectly and gets the pin and the win.

A look at the Enzo and Cass situation is next, and with what happened between them lately they get to duke it out at Great Balls of Fire on Sunday. We get to see the talk between Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar that happened this week. It surprised the hell out of me that Lesnar spoke for himself this time instead of his advocate doing it for him. Their match this weekend is gonna be a slugfest for sure.

Kalisto vs. Scott Dawson w/ Dash Wilder (The Revival)

Kalisto comes to the ring ready to go and Dawson follows suit. Last week the Revival battled Gallows and Anderson on main event. A few slaps back and forth starts off the action and Dawson gets the best of Kalisto. Kalisto fires back with a few dropkicks and a sykeout dive freaks out the Revival. Dawson uses the apron to stop himself from getting pinned. Climbing to the top rope, Kalisto gets a beautiful cross body followed by a couple quick moves taking Dawson face first on the mat. Wilder tries to get involved but eats a boot from Kalisto. Dawson sets Kalisto up in a suplex to get him back in the ring but Kalisto turns it into a small package and gets the win over Dawson. What a fun match but I’m sure Dawson will get his revenge soon enough.

The Braun Strowman versus Apollo Crews match is looked at next and we get to see when Strowman kicked a back flipping Crews and he landed on his neck. I thought he was hurt for sure but he was OK and he finished the match anyway. Another great week in the WWE Universe comes to a close until Great Balls of Fire this Sunday and I know everyone is looking forward to that. Until next week!

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