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By Luke Dorsch @Luke_Dorsch

Available this week for old and new fans alike is WWE’s most recent biographical DVD release entitled “Fight Owens Fight-The Kevin Owens Story” which takes viewers into the life of Kevin Steen and his closest companions in the industry as well as his family. For many of us, we’ve been watching Kevin Steen for years throughout his impressive fifteen year career and we’re extremely familiar with his story, but for new fans who know him only as Kevin Owens in NXT/WWE this DVD is a jewel. WWE television has a difficult time as of late telling a cohesive story both in the ring and in promos but with this DVD we’re given a taste of reality and the ups and downs that have riddled Kevin’s career. The documentary starts with Kevin Owens recounting the very first wrestling show he’d ever seen which happened to be WrestleMania XI and how his father rented the VHS tape from the local video store and how blown away he was by Shawn Michaels’ match. That one incident sparked the fire that most, if not all professional wrestlers have/had at some point but also something that fans can relate to as well.

The story that they’re telling is of a passionate man who would never stop chasing his goals and going for his dreams, even when it looked as if those dreams may never come true. It covers his training in Canada under Jaques Rougeau, and meeting the man he will be forever linked with: Sami Zayne/El Generico and the exact moment when two kids from Canada made their initial splash in the United States. Surprisingly, we are treated to some of the old school Steen/Generico footage from the combat zone (CZW) which after impressing everyone in that promotion they were invited out to Pro Wrestling Guerilla in California where both men would wrestle for nearly ten years as well as their time together in Ring of Honor. It chronicles the Steen/Generico tag team that captured the hearts of Ring of Honor fans thru first-hand accounts by Steve Cornio, Jimmy Jacobs, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayne, and Owens himself. Most importantly new viewers will be amazed to see just how “over” Kevin became in Ring of Honor, after being sent away for almost one calendar year by Jim Cornette, his successful return in 2011 and the long feud with Steve Corino culminating at ROH’s Final Battle 2011. He was the most popular act in the promotion so it wasn’t long before the ROH World Championship was around his waist.

The overlying theme of this documentary is the underdog story but presented in a fashion more focused at WWE for being more concerned with someone’s physique and size rather than their abilities both in the ring and on the mic. The list of people who never thought Kevin would/could make it to the WWE is a pretty extensive list apparently, but undeterred Kevin Steen kept winning championships and garnering more attention. It took fifteen years and a lot of doubt and no assurances of the future, but after his Ring of Honor contract expired in 2014 he became a free agent and was later signed to NXT and offered a development contract. Well, it didn’t take long as we all know just how fast tracked Kevin Owens has been since he first burst onto the WWE scene. His brief time in NXT is also covered and how he won the NXT championship in his second match. Ironically, he was never made any assurances that he would ever move up to the main roster, but it was John Cena who made that transition happen in a much faster way than some of his peers experienced, and Owens and Cena would make headlines in May of 2015 when in his main roster debut as the NXT Champion he defeated John Cena cleanly in the middle of the ring at that year’s Elimination Chamber PPV. Not long after he became a permanent fixture on the main roster where he soon picked up the Intercontinental Title and defended it in the classic ladder match at WrestleMania 32, followed by his near flawless match at last year’s Battleground PPV facing Sami Zayne. It looked like he may be bumped down to a mid-card slot after the tag match at last year’s SummerSlam but fate would intervene with Finn Balor’s injury Kevin Owens was made the second Universal Champion on WWE’s flagship show Monday Night Raw. There have been several indy underdog types that have risen to a superstar level in WWE but none like Kevin Owens. He’s not a 6’5” 300 lbs. behemoth, he’s a normal looking big guy who can outshine practically everyone. Perhaps that’s

the real gist of this documentary, it’s that Kevin Steen started this as any normal fan of professional wrestling which made him shine even more in his early career, out working guys half his size, and never really losing sight of his goals. He certainly had to go the long way around, but he didn’t give up even when it would have been easy to, he was reminded of his goals and the life that he strove to provide for his family, which at the end of the day is what makes Kevin Owens the man he is. Family!!! From his beloved wife and children to his parents and friends everyone who knows him seems to understand that no one deserves what they’ve received as a WWE superstar more than Kevin Owens. Kevin is given nothing but praise by his peers, family, and closest friends for the type of man he is, and that’s a devoted husband and father, and that’s the best thing about this DVD. Kevin Owens isn’t always the vain and loudmouth heel character people see on television, he’s so much deeper and humbler than most people can see. I can’t recall a level of honesty in a WWE documentary for quite some time, Kevin Owens is personally one of my all-time favorite performers and as soon as I heard WWE were releasing this, it became a must-see for me (perhaps just to see how bad they would do) but I am so glad I was wrong. Whether you know him as Kevin Steen the only 3 time PWG Champion, or the man who ran Cornette from ROH, or just as the trash talking brash Kevin Owens if you’re fan of any type of professional wrestling, I could not recommend this more. Let’s hope we continue to hear “Fight Owens Fight” in WWE for years to come.



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