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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

My favorite hour of the week is about to begin. A hard hitting and exciting episode is about to unfold in front of us. We get an NXT title match tonight. Now how exciting is that!

Kassius Ohno & Hideo Itami vs. Sanity (Alexander Wolfe & Killian Dain)

This match has been building for a few weeks and Ohno finally decided to team up with Itami to take out Sanity once and for all. Itami didn’t get the ovation from the crowd like he has been lately. It’s like he has lost his gusto. Dain and Wolfe enter Full Sail ready for a fight like always. Wolfe and Ohno start the match and Ohno takes control right off the bat. Itami tags in and the beat down continues until Dain enters the match. He goes full force at Itami basicly flattening him and keeping him stuck in the ring. Sanity tag back and forth keeping Itami at bay in their corner. The word Itami means pain in Japanese so you would think that a man named Itami could take a beating. Wolfe distracts Ohno on the outside while Dain beats down Itami some more. Itami gets a second wind and he gives Wolfe a few running lariats. When Ohno tries to tag in Itami ignores him and keeps at it in the ring. Sanity double team Itami so Ohno has to get involved. Wolfe sacrifices himself and let’s Itami give him a go to sleep while he smiles because he tagged in Dain without Itami knowing it and Dain flies in with a cross body on Itami. This sneakiness from Sanity gives them the win. A great match this was but Itami got greedy and it cost him and his partner the match.

A look at last weeks last women standing match is next, also Drew McIntyre gives his opinion on the NXT title match tonight. We get a look at DIY’s split at TakeOver Chicago. We find out Johnny Gargano will be on next weeks show. Plus the result of a Mae Young classic qualifying match, Bianca Bel Blair beat Aliyah to advance.

Roderick Strong vs. Bobby Foods (NXT champion) (title match)

Strong has been hungry for his title shot for a few weeks now. The champion Foods has done nothing but taunt him over and over. Strong’s family will be in the arena watching the match tonight also so Strong may have a bit of pressure on him because of that. “Roddy” chants fill Full Sail as Strong enters the ring. Foods takes his good old time getting to the ring as usual but finally he steps through the ropes and the match is under way. Strong gets some amazing kicks on Roode at the beginning of the match. Strong focuses on taking Roode down with back breakers. Roode runs to the outside to try and get away but back in the ring he gets a rude awakening to take Strong down. Roode keeps at it until Strong musters up the strength for another back breaker. The action heads to the outside and Strong gets his leg stuck between the steel steps and the ring post and Roode takes advantage of it by kicking the steps. When they get back in the ring Roode focuses on Strong’s leg. He tries to take both of his legs out so Strong can’t stand at all. Strong finds the strength to get a gut buster on Roode but he can’t get a pin. Strong drops Roode on the top turn buckle. Strong kicks out of a glorious DDT and it stuns the arena. Roode taunts Strong’s family and it puts a fire under Strong.

Back in the ring Strong gets a three count. Thinking he won the match he starts to celebrate by hugging his family. The ref calls off the win because Roode had his foot under the rope so the match continues. With two more glorious DDT’s Foods gets the pin and keeps his championship. Strong had a small taste of what it was like to be champ but it didn’t work out for him. Maybe some day we will see the title around Strong’s waist.

With just two matches this week we only got a bit of action but the action we got was freaking amazing. Both matches were hard hitting and jaw dropping. Next week will be just as good or maybe better.

Until then!

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