Lucha Underground S3Ep25, The Review 5/7/17


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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

“Left For Dead”

With the last week of the first round of the Cueto Cup upon us, things are gonna be exciting to say the least this week. There are four more matches and the first is about to begin.

“The Darewolf” P.J. Black vs. Sexy Star (first round match)

Star has had a long rivalry with the World Wide Underground so she is no stranger to her opponent Black tonight. Black gets the advantage first by controlling Star’s arm. A hunacanrana changes the pace of things for Star. She looks great until Black gets a massive suplex. Star sets up Black in the corner and takes him down with a monkey flip. Black on the outside gets busted by a cross body from Star. With the action back in the ring Taya e gets the temple and distracts Star. Taya throws Black a pair of brass knuckles but Star stops him from hitting her and takes them from him. The ref sees her with them and disqualifies her. Black advances to the next round. This pisses Star off so she hits the ref with the brass knuckles. What a quick match but a fun filled fiesta non the less.

We get another look this week at Johnny Mundo and Rey Mysterio as they prepare for their up coming title match at the Cueto Cup finals.

Son of Havoc vs. Son of Madness (first round match)

Madness is new to Lucha Underground so he’s gonna try and make a name for himself. As Madness heads down the steps to the ring Havoc heads up the steps and attacks. When they finally hit the ring it doesn’t take long for them to end up back on the outside again. Madness slams Havoc into the wall and it weakens him a bit. Madness gets book’s from the believers but it doesn’t phase him one bit. Back in the ring Havoc attacks with kick after kick. Back outside, Madness shoves Havoc’s cut in his face then throws him back in the ring. With Havoc in the corner Madness stomps away. Havoc gets momentum and heads to the top rope but misses when he jumps. A spring board cutter almost gets the win for Havoc but Madness kicks out. Madness goes for a suplex but Havoc gets a hangman’s noose instead. Havoc misses a shooting star press but lands on his feet. In the end Havoc gets a school boy roll up pin and advances in the Cueto Cup. Madness takes Havoc’s cut as he leaves the temple. This can not be over I’m sure of it.

Prince Puma vs. Ricky Mandel (first round match)

The first ever Lucha Underground champion is in action next. Mandel grabs a mic and talks shit to Puma and ends up eating a superkick. Puma gets a suplex and a roll over suplex then goes for a pin but Mandel kicks out. Mandel comes back with a few kicks but Puma takes it in stride and gets the win. Puma advances to the next round. The funny thing about this two minute match is, Puma never took off his hoodie. Oh yeah, Mandel never took off his sunglasses either.

Dante Fox vs. Dragon Azteca w/Rey Mysterio (first round match)

This is the final first round match in the Cueto Cup tournament. The winner of this match will take the last spot in the top 16. This is Azteca’s return match in the temple. Both of these guys go hard with high flying moves. Like a missile, Fox flies through the ropes into Azteca then right away Fox goes over the top onto Azteca again. Back in the ring Fox almost gets a pin but to no prevail, so he goes for Azteca’s hurt lower back. Fox has controlled most of the match so far. Azteca puts Fox on his head with a hunacanrana on the floor. In the ring again Azteca can’t get the pin. Mysterio beats on the mat from the outside as he chants for his friend Azteca. Forearms back and forth wear both men down. The pace of this match is so fast. Both men are so amazing in the ring that the place is going nuts. As Mysterio is trying to talk to the ref he is attacked by the worldwide underground. That madness disrupts the match letting Fox win with a fox catcher. That advances him to the next round.

Round one of the Cueto Cup has come to an end. Next week round two starts with the first three matches. Its gonna be amazing because things are only getting started. Until next week!


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