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By Josh Coulson @BristolBeadz

Enzo Amore was the first face we saw this week, and this time he wasn’t begging Big Cass to take him back. Amore versus Cass is official for this Sunday at Great Balls Of Fire and Enzo wanted to get his thoughts in before he has to square off with his former best friend. If there’s one thing we know Enzo can do, it’s talk, and on Monday night he cut one hell of a promo telling Cass exactly what he thinks of him. Surprisingly the man who betrayed him didn’t show his face, at least not in the arena. Once Enzo had finished Cass was shown back stage and that’s where the big man said his piece. Turns out he wasn’t far away though as Amore found him and finally got a little retribution, attacking his former brother from behind. Somehow I don’t think Enzo will fair as well this Sunday.

Last week despite Nia Jax’s best efforts, she come up ever so slightly short when it came to winning a shot at Alexa Bliss’s Raw Women’s Championship. It was Sasha Banks who finally stopped Jax in the gauntlet match last Monday, and this week the victor teamed up with Bayley to take on Jax and the champ in tag team action. I say tag team action, early on in the match Nia decided to turn her attentions to Bayley, who wasn’t even in the match at the time, and take her out turning it into a handicap match. That didn’t stop The Boss though. With Alexa in the ring Sasha knocked Nia off of the ring apron before applying the Bank Statement to the champion, making her tap in extremely short order.

The longest saga in 205 Live history is the continued fighting over Alicia Fox. This week the Foxy One returned to television to watch from ring side as her current boyfriend Noam Dar went one on one with ex boyfriend Cedric Alexander. Cedric has said time and time again that he’s done with the two of them, but Noam and Fox don’t seem to be able to let go of their past. Despite repeated distractions from Alicia, Alexander connected on Noam with the Lumbar Check and picked up the win.

Despite the train wreck that was the Lavar Ball segment on last week’s Raw, WWE decided to shine a big spot light on it via Miz TV this past Monday. The Intercontinental Champion came to the ring with his wife and his Miztourage this week to bad mouth The Balls and then his ongoing rival, Dean Ambrose. It of course didn’t take long for The Lunatic to emerge from the back and respond to what Miz had to say, and that response included Dean bringing up the fact that he’s still owed an Intercontinental Championship rematch. Well turns out Heath Slater thinks he’s owed a title shot as well after pinning The Miz, something Kurt Angle clearly agrees with. The Raw GM came out to calm the waters and announced that Heath would get his shot then and there, then the winner would have to defend the IC title at Great Balls Of Fire this Sunday. It was Monday night’s match that didn’t sit particularly well with the champ since Miz wasn’t exactly dressed for battle. The A Lister came out on top with his title still in hand nevertheless.

We’ve been constantly promised the premiere of Goldust’s The Shattered Truth, well this week we finally got it. Goldie took to the ring to reveal the project he had been working on and unsurprisingly it showed his former tag team partner R-Truth in a pretty poor light. Well unlucky for Goldust, when the screening came to an end Truth was standing behind the seated wannabe film director. Truth attacked his former friend and sent him scampering from the ring.

Seth Rollins will get what he wants at Great Balls Of Fire on Sunday night when he faces off against Bray Wyatt. Well standing ins his way on Raw was a rather confident Curt Hawkins. That over confidence came back to bite Curt extremely quickly as Seth delivered a swift kick to Hawkins before picking up the 1-2-3. With that out of the way The Architect could turn his attention to more pressing matters. Wyatt has had plenty of messages for Seth but this week it was Rollins getting in the last word.

One last Raw before Great Balls Of Fire meant one last week for the explosive rivalry between Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe to evolve, and that it did. The two of them were kept in separate parts of the building and interviewed side by side on screen. It turned into more of a war of words between the two, and it didn’t take long for Joe to be done talking. The Destroyer is clearly sick of waiting for his match with The Beast and the former NXT Champion went looking for his PPV opponent. It didn’t take long to find him either, but unfortunately for Joe Kurt Angle was way ahead of him and had security drag him away from Lesnar. The Universal Champion was happy to watch on laughing as an irate Samoan Submission Machine was dragged away kicking and screaming.

Our second cruiserweight match of the evening saw Mustafa Ali pit himself against the division’s long reigning champion, Neville. Ali has enjoyed a fair bit of success on 205 Live recently and certainly gave The King of the Cruiserweights a run for his money on Raw. Ali’s early offence only seemed to anger Neville though, and before long Mustafa was on the wrong end of a pretty telling beating. Ali attempted to rally late on, but a hard hitting clothesline followed by the Rings of Saturn brought the rally and the match to an end. Consider a message sent to Neville’s next challenger, Akira Tozawa.

Earlier in the evening it was announced that Cesaro and Sheamus will defend their Tag Team Championships against the Hardy Boyz once again this Sunday at Great Balls Of Fire, this time in a 30 minute Ironman match. The champs wanted competition that night though, and one half of them was gifted that opportunity. While Sheamus would have to stand by and watch, Cesaro given the chance to avenge the pin fall loss he suffered last week against Finn Balor. Turns out Matt and Jeff wanted a closer look at their upcoming opponents as the former champs joined the announcers for the match up. It was an unsurprisingly physical match that was almost ruined by the involvement of Elias Samson who also joined an already crowded ring side area. The Drifter tripped Balor which prompted The Hardyz to leave their announce positions and join the chaos. Once the dust settled however the match ended in very much the same way as last week’s six man tag, a Coup De Grace and a three count on the Swiss Cyborg.

Braun Strowman went back to a familiar demand this past Monday, marching into the GM’s office and demanding competition. Different Superstars were shown throughout the night contemplating the idea, but as of Braun making his way to the ring there was no one who had confirmed that they would step up. One of the men considering the idea was Apollo Crews after his advocate Titus O Neil tried to convince him it was a good idea, and when Titus answered Strowman’s challenge it was indeed to introduce his client. It felt like O Neil was leading a lamb to the slaughter, and despite Titus repeatedly egging his client on that’s exactly what it was. The Monster Among Men toyed with his opponent once he should have been more than done with him, lifting his shoulders off the mat before three counts so that he could continue the beat down. Once Braun had finally decided he had finished with the match, he attempted to continue the beating post match but was stopped by Titus. A brave gesture by O Neil, but one he probably regretted soon after as he was dropped by Braun who carried on the decimation of Apollo anyway. Crews was dumped into the back of the ambulance and it was then that things got confusing for Braun. The ambulance didn’t drive away. Why? Because Roman Reigns was in the driver’s seat of course! The Big Dog erupted out of the vehicle and got some much needed revenge against his foe which culminated in Braun being speared right off the stage.

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