The Review, Kamikaze Pro, Present’s 4th Anniversary, June 30th 2017

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames

 Birmingham, UK.

Kamikaze Pro Relentless Title

Marshall X def. Ryan Smile © (Marshall X cashed in his Bank On It Briefcase)

Kamikaze Pro Title, No Disqualification

Clint Margera © def. Ryan Smile

David Starr def. Scott Gibson

Joel Redman def. Rockstar Spud

Jay Cutler def. Flip Gordon

Mia Yim def. Lana Austin

Kamikaze Pro Tag Team Titles

The Hunter Brothers def. Bigger Picture © Via DQ

Kamikaze Pro Relentless Title

Gabriel Kidd def. Marshall X © Via Submission

Summary: This was my second Kamikaze Pro event, two weeks prior I attended ‘No Fear’ and on that evening I was sold on the product being offered. This was the 4th Anniversary show for the company and they went all out to give the audience a show to remember, it was easily one of the best wrestling shows I have been to in 2017. That action started at a tremendous pace and never slowed down, before the opening bell for the first contest ‘Bigger Picture’ savagely beat down Clint Margera before blindsiding Relentless Champion Ryan Smile. This allowed ‘Bank On It Briefcaseholder Marshall X the opportunity to cash in and win. Following that I witnessed one of the best matches of the year, Ryan Smile in a losing effort to Clint tore the house down for the Kamikaze Pro Title. The first twenty minutes set the tone of the evening, thankfully Kamikaze Pro could live up to the hype, David Starr once more performed amazingly well against a game Scott Gibson, Jay Cutler came out on top after a very confident showing against Flip Gordon. Lana Austin and Mia Yim looked very good in their spirited effort, it was a solid wrestling match and a great example of the standards of women’s wrestling in the UK. The scheduled main event was the Tag Team Title match, it started much like the opening match at a frantic pace, both teams went toe to toe trying to finish each other early, when momentum swayed for the Hunters, Bigger Picture decided to take a shortcut and get themselves disqualified. With Marshall X helping his cohorts at ringside management then saw it fit to place him in an unannounced Championship match, out came Gabriel Kidd, who against the odds fought valiantly to defeat Marshall and capture the Relentless Title.





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