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By Josh Coulson @BristolBeadz

Samoa Joe keeps proving time and time again that he really isn’t afraid of Brock Lesnar. Well now The Destroyer has one more Raw to get through before having to go face to face with The Beast at Great Balls Of Fire. On Sunday there’ll be no jumping Brock from behind, no one to drag them apart, just the pair of them in the ring battling for Raw’s most coveted prize. Before that though we have tonight, and who knows what might happen. Safe to say Joe will be in the building, but Lesnar has not been announced for the show. It wouldn’t surprise me of Brock showed up though, unannounced so that he can finally get a little pay back on his upcoming opponent.

Another man with revenge on his mind tonight will be Roman Reigns. It’s only been two weeks since his bitter enemy Braun Strowman returned, yet The Monster Among Men has already beaten down The Big Dog twice. After Braun threw Reigns into the side of an ambulance, we didn’t see Roman for the rest of the night. We all know that it takes more than that to keep the multi time WrestleMania headliner down though. Roman Reigns will be on Raw tonight, and he’ll be wanting to gain some momentum before his ambulance match with Strowman at Great Balls Of Fire.

It seemed like Enzo Amore’s emotional plea to his former tag team partner last week had worked at one point. Cass certainly had me convinced. The seven footer hadn’t seen the error of his ways however and tossed Amore down the ramp like a rag doll. Enzo will likely have something more to say tonight, and I can’t imagine it’ll be continued begging in an attempt to make Cass reconsider his betrayal. Part of me wants to see Enzo somehow give Cass what he derserves, but a bigger part of me thinks it’s going to be continued painful viewing for Amore fans.

Last week’s Raw closed out with a pretty incredible gauntlet match. Nia Jax managed to battle her away through almost everyone on the Raw women’s roster, only to be halted by Sasha Banks despite an extremely spirited. No doubt there will be a few people with something to say about that, namely Banks herself as well as the defeated Jax and current champion Alexa Bliss. Bliss will likely be relieved that it isn’t Nia who will be the next challenger to her precious championship, but after what The Boss pulled off last week, she shouldn’t take Sasha lightly.

Goldust and R-Truth have been talking a good game for a while now. Last week we thought we would see what the former tag team partners could do against each other in the ring, but Goldie had other ideas. The WWE veteran jumped Truth before the bell rang and the match never even got under way. We may see a second attempt at the bout this evening, however I expect if we do Goldust will somehow worm his way out of it once again.

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