The Review, Lucha Underground – S3 (Episode 24)


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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector


Macho Madness

It’s night three of the Cueto Cup and we are ready for the next round of first round matches. The house band Sergio Arau gets the temple pumped. Myself, I still have a few favorites left in the tournament but tonight that could change. Let’s get it started.

Veneno vs. Mil Muertes w/Catrina

Muertes attacks as soon as the bell rings. He beats the hell out of Veneno non stop. A power bomb and fist after fist works Veneno hard. In a matter of about two minutes Muertes wins with a flatliner. Veneno never even got any offence in the match. Catrina gives Veneno the lick of death after this dominating match.

Paul London vs. Vibora w/Kobra Moon

The rabbit tribe leader is ready for action next. London, carrot and all, gets a huge pop from the temple. London threatens to stab Moon with his carrot as Vibora tries to attack, man this is great! The believers chant for the carrot weapon more then London for a moment. Vibora starts to get the upper hand using his size. The rabbit tribe show up and crisscross the ring and disappear again. A trust fall takes out Vibora on the outside. He tries to get back in the ring but the tribe holds his feet and London advances because Vibora got counted out. The rabbit tribe is nothing to take lightly.

Taya vs. Joey Ryan

The sleazeball of the wrestling world meets the newly engaged Taya in the ring. Taya and Johnny Mundo just recently got engaged. Taya slaps Ryan’s lollipop out of his hand and attacks. A superkick slows Taya down on the outside. We might see another countout if she’s not careful. A double stomp and a cover can’t get Taya the win but she escapes an electric chair and gives Ryan a suplex and another double stomp. That gives Taya the 1,2,3. The third match of the night and this one was over fairly quickly but Taya advances.

In the locker room we see Jeremiah attacking Mil Muertes with a chair. He tells Muertes that Catrina is his. A piece on Johnny Mundo and Rey Mysterio and their title match is next before the main event.

Jeremiah Crane vs. Killshot

Crane, in the ring already, has his eyes set on Killshot as he enters the ring. Right off the bat we get multiple dives from both men. Outside of the ring the match remains as the two start a slugfest. The chairs in the front row empty and Killshot sits among them as Crane gives him a running cannonball taking out Killshot and all the chairs. Finally the match enters the ring but the momentum of the match only speeds up and gets heavier. Crane (aka Callihan) is in my top five wrestlers of today. He never disappoints in the ring. Pin attempts and move after move only makes the match more exciting. “Both these guys” chants from the temple start and the action gets even crazier. Every time you think the match may come to an end there’s a kick out and the momentum changes. Dante Fox shows up in the temple and distracts Killshot and Crane wins with a cranial contusion. Catrina enters the temple after the match is over and Crane, with a sick and crazy look in his eyes, blows her a kiss.

In Cueto’s office we see a board with a tournament bracket on it. One more week of round one matches left, Son of Havok finally gets the answer to who he will be facing in his match next week. It’s Son of Madness, I can not wait.

Until then!


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