The Review, Fight Club Pro Present’s, Stranger Than Fixxion

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By Mark Worrall @hoohoowozza

23/6/17, Wolverhampton

Fight Club Pro as a promotion continues to grow with this being their second show from new home the ‘Starworks’ Warehouse. Another packed card the show opens with Trent Seven stripping current Fight Club Pro Champion Travis Banks of his title, only to award Banks a brand new Belt, a shinier belt that seems more relevant to the growth of the company. WWE UK champion Pete Dunne, who is set to face Banks tonight for that very title make his way to the ring stating he is not bothered about wrestling for the FCP Indie title as he currently holds a WWE Championship. Enter CCK And Tyler Bate into the conversation and what results from this is Martin Zaki announcing a six-man scramble for the Fight Club Pro championship as the main event.


Great way to start a show, two youngsters from Australia learning their craft in Wolverhampton and opening the show and potentially stealing it in a match that was awarded a standing ovation from the Fight Club Pro crowd. The harshest of critics may call it a bit of a spot fest, and maybe that could be the case, however I enjoyed it for what it was, two young men attempting to prove themselves and put out a performance to get themselves noticed, and they have certainly done that. Davis as the bigger man reverted to the power bomb on several occasions to put Fletcher away who was resilient to the end and hit a Destroyer on his opponent that could have taken the match. Davis going back to the power bomb finally nudged it for him pinning the spent Fletcher as the crowd really showed their appreciation for the match.


Three way tag matches can sometimes be difficult to follow and I can sometimes get lost, this match was fine, the Hunter brothers soon took control after Lee hit Gunn with a drop kick tagging to Jim, the team of Extra Talent soon got involved and began working on Jim and although I am not fully versed in this team and they are new to my eyes, they worked well together with a nice fluidity and should have won the match with some nice double teaming. However a double stomp from the top rope on Aaron Solo from the Hunter Brothers gave them the victory.


Moloney issues an open challenge after telling the crowd he is the hardest fucker in the room, Margera accepts the challenge and unleashes on Moloney in the ring who seeks solitude ringside and is met by a diving Margera. The match then goes around the warehouse before finally making it back to the ring with Moloney sending Margera through the chairs he was setting up and picking up the win. Martina the session moth then makes her way to the ring, dancing for Moloney who allows the song to build up and up then plants a boot into the mouth of Martina as a stunned crowd look on with Moloney’s grin showing his pleasure, suddenly we hear glass breaking and music from ‘Disturbed’ as Shay comes to the aid of Martina until he realises the predicament he is in only for Martina to make the save and together they hit a double stunner on Moloney whose selling is priceless sending him from the ring. Great fun.


A late addition to the match saw Omari mixing it up with the big boys, and did he deliver! All four ran the ropes to begin with them all attempting a drop kick that set the stool out for how this match was going to go. Ospreay’s time in Japan has not gone wasted as he seemed to pull off a move that I have seen performed in several Dragongate shows where Haskins held a red piece of elastic against the face of Omari, proceeded to walk, and walk before releasing the band, snapping on the face of Omari. Ospreay turned to Devlin and performed the routine again, only this time landing somewhere lower, and considerably more painful than that of Omari. Haskins determination to use the Sharpshooter to win saw all three of his opponents face the submission move, only to have them holds broken and being in a four way match, submissions can be difficult to get a win. This match gave the FCP crowd everything they wished for in wrestling, however, this was a night of surprises and a nice surprise in that was seeing Omari catching Ospreay attempting another handspring cutter and planting ‘Ozone’ to pick up the win. Excellent match with all four performing well and how good it is to see a youngster such as Omari picking up the victory, credit to him and his opponents.


Coventry girl McKenzie is a product of the Fight Club Pro dojo and is making her debut tonight against the experienced KLR who allows McKenzie a lot of offence throughout the match which McKenzie takes advantage of in her bid to make an impact on her debut, this she does with nice moves on KLR before the two exchange slaps, however a missed splash from KLR sees her become the recipient of the overused ‘destroyer’ that earns a near fall, but suddenly experience shines as KLR hits the widow’s peak on McKenzie who manages to lift a shoulder before submitting to KLR. An impressive debut for McKenzie who immediately earned the respect of the crowd and looks to have a promising future.


The start of the match sees the division between British Strong style and CCK on opposite ends of the ring, somehow this is how the match would pan out with relevant team members avoiding each other even though it was technically a singles match with anyone of the six able to take the match, very clever and shows how good these six are at the moment. Being a scramble this match took various forms, great seeing Bate and Lycos mixing it up with cartwheel’s and flips before succumbing to Dunne who took to biting their hands. The members of BSS then took to mocking their ‘boss’ it seemed by spitting water whilst standing on the ring apron that received its fair share of boos and was done in complete respect for HHH no doubt! What would turn this match was the run in from former FCP favourite MK McKinnan doing a run in, and possible return when he superkicks Dunne to the outside that leaves a chance for Lycos and Brookes to double team on Banks which enables Brookes to pin the champion and win the match and the title. Awesome match with a really surprise ending, or was it? CCK have been on an amazing run that has saw them win CZW gold and Chris Brooke’s is really finding his place and having him as the new Fight Club Champion is a great piece of business. An almost silent stunned reaction to the win was deafening but this victory has really gone over well.

I cannot say it enough, another awesome outing from one of the best promotions around, if not the best, from my eyes anyway. Every month guarantees a great show and if you have not had the pleasure of a Fight Club Pro show then shame on you. The show had everything tonight, debuts, surprises, title changes, and more importantly – fun.

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