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By Josh Coulson @BristolBeadz

When Brock Lesnar is advertised for a show, it immediately becomes that much bigger. Well tonight on Raw Th Beast Incarnate will be in attendance. The last time the Universal Champion graced Monday night with his presence, an all out brawl ensued between him and his upcoming opponent, Samoa Joe. Joe has more than proved he’s good for his word by proving that he is in no way afraid of Lesnar, but what is going to happen tonight with the pair of them once again under the same roof? We’re still almost two weeks away from Great Balls Of Fire, but Kurt Angle may once again need the entire Raw locker room to keep these feuding behemoths apart in Los Angeles tonight.

Last week’s Raw came to an explosive and emotional end last week. Big Cass revealed to the world, and more importantly to his now former tag team partner Enzo Amore, that he had been the one orchestrating the attacks on him, and staging ones on himself to cover his tracks. Cass would then deliver a big boot to a heartbroken Enzo before taking his leave. Rest assured, there is still far more left of this tale to unravel. For starters we need to start finding out exactly why Corey Graves is playing such a prominent role in Raw’s goings on at the moment. For tonight though I would expect at least a retort from Amore after having a week to dwell on what happened, and maybe even a replacement seven footer making his presence known in order to prevent Cass hurting Enzo even more.

Braun’s back! They said he would be gone for six months, yet The Monster Among Men has returned in two. I think the only person who wasn’t pleased to see Strowman burst out of the back of that ambulance last week was Roman Reigns. The two of them are now, quite fittingly, headed towards an ambulance match at Great Balls Of Fire. Reigns hasn’t had a chance to formerly accept the challenge though despite the match already being booked, but I’m sure The Big Dog will address Braun’s return and what he plans to do to him tonight on Raw.

For weeks now we have seen Goldust and R-Truth barb back and forth behind a camera via the use of movie quotes. Well being LA, Goldust will be using tonight to premiere his latest feature The Shattered Truth. Naturally his former tag partner R-Truth is invited, an invitation that has already been accepted. What exactly this premiere will entail is unclear as it stands, but I’m sure Truth won’t be standing idly by while Goldust presumably attempts to show him up even more than he already has done.

Last week it was announced that Seth Rollins will be the cover star of WWE 2K18. While Seth was thanking the crowd for sticking with him and telling them how proud he was to be the cover star, he was interrupted by a man who has taken a special interest in him as of late, Bray Wyatt. It was the secind week in a row this had happened though, and this time The Architect was more than ready to face his attacker. As the lights came up Rollins leapt from the turnbuckle, knocking Bray down and gashing his own cheek in the process. While Wyatt has a certain ways with words, he’s probably going to want to do more than just talk tonight. Seth will continue to be ready for anything and be constantly watching his back if he wants to get another one over on The Eater of Worlds on Raw later on.

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