The Review, ATTACK Pro Wrestling, Club 100, Thursday Night Throws #1 22/6/17

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames

Cathays Youth & Community Centre, Cardiff

Attack Pro kicked of their new ‘Thursday Night Throws’ show with style this past week, although a school night the Cathays Community Centre was packed out for what turned out to be a show you dare not miss. Featuring talent from both Attack Pro & Dragon Pro, we had a mix bag of the current standout UK talent the next up and comers on the South West Wrestling scene. I regularly attend Attack shows and most recently attended my first Dragon Pro show, it’s safe to say that neither disappoint, featuring what I consider the best young talent this side of the Atlantic there is no denying the future of both promotions. Dragon Pro is leading the charge, many of their competitors stood tall against the Attack roster and made their mark, the 8 man tag really exhibited the depth of the Dragon Pro roster. I must mention the laugh out loud Alaskan Bush Brother, who from the entrance alone had the audience giggling, although they lost to The Brothers of Obstruction them will be fondly remembered. Man Like Beano is also becoming a name on the circuit, with a gimmick that works and winning personality this lad is going far, I can easily see him joining Attack Pro full-time in the future. Right in the middle of the card we had two gentleman from Australia who decided to steal the show, from start to finish they were move for move perfect. The offence, selling, timing and emotion were spot on, it was easily one of the best matches I’ve witnessed live in 2017, the standing ovation after the bell said so much. The closing moment of the show saw what seemed to start off like a light heated rivalry between teams turn sour, in a losing effort to Bowlarama, Mike Bird & Wild Boar lost it. After seemingly congratulating their opponents on the win, the proud Welshman than viciously turned on and beat down fan favourites Bowlarama. The scenes were jaw dropping, it’s safe to say that this feud is far from over and #CCK also got a warning from Boar & Bird!


Danny Jones def. REG

Brothers of Obstruction (Jim & Lee Hunter) def. The Alaskan Brothers

8 Man Tag Match

#CCK, Elijah & Santos Jr def. Brendan White, Jeff Ramsey, Oliver Sudden & Sierra Loxton

Kyle Fletcher def. Mark Davis

Chief Deputy Dunne def. Man Like Beano

Attack Pro Wrestling Tag Team Titles No1 Contenders Match

Bowlarama def. Bird & Boar

Thanks to Jim Maitland @Jim_TurningFace for the header image

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