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 By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Wednesday night, 8 o’clock, time for the greatest hour in WWE’s weekly repertoire. It’s NXT time! Let’s take a look at what happened this week.

Ember Moon will be back in action this week. I know she can’t wait to get her opponent Peyton Royce out of the way so she can focus on Asuka’s title. Plus with two of my favorite NXT superstars facing each other this week (Aleister Black and Kassius Ohno) I don’t know who to route for. I do know it will be a vicious match no matter who wins.

Ember Moon vs. Peyton Royce (w/Billie Kay)

Starting off the show it’s women’s action. Royce and Kay await Moon’s ring entrance. The crowd pops loud when she enters Full Sail. A “welcome back” chant fills the air as the match starts. Moon look’s great in the ring until Kay gets involved and goes for Moon’s arm. About a minute in we get an annoying commercial but it’s over quick. The shoulder is the focus of Royce. She tries her best to injure Moon again. A few pin attempts by Royce doesn’t work out too well. Moon gets a crossbody on Kay when she pulls Royce out of harm’s way. A widow’s peak doesn’t take out Moon but an Eclipse lays out Royce and Moon gets the win.

The match was quick but exciting. When we watch these women we are looking at future main roster stars no question about it.

Backstage Hideo Itami gives an apology to Kassius Ohno for what happened between them. Itami is a better heel in my opinion. I would have liked to see these two go at it some time soon.

Ealy Brothers vs. Sanity (Eric Young & Alexander Wolfe)

We have seen the Ealy Brothers before and they are big guys. They look strong but Young and Wolfe are just too insane to handle in the ring most times. Brother tag teams seem to do well in the WWE and the Ealy Brothers seem to have that potential but Wolfe and Young are dishing it out throughout the first part of this match. Wolfe almost getting double teamed gets saved when Young does a neckbreaker to one of the brothers. Young gets the pin after a jumping neckbreaker takes down the other brother.

The Ealy Brothers don’t have much experience yet and Sanity, Young mostly, has much ring awareness and it worked for him in this almost six minute match.

Rachel Evers vs. Sonya Deville

Evers a.k.a. Ellering is the daughter of the one and only manager of the NXT tag team champions A.O.P., Paul Ellering. It’s great to see her in NXT. Now Deville is getting a push, be it because of her MMA background or she has just been doing it at the performance center, the powers that be are not wrong. She has what it takes. Evers does too if they use her right. Deville controlled the match the entire time. Evers never got her footing and with a few punches to the gut and a wrist lock she taps out and Deville wins the match. Another quick match and I’m hoping that these short matches mean we are getting an amazing main event.

We get to see the confrontation between the NXT champion Bobby Roode and Roderick Strong earlier today. A pissed off Strong attacked Roode. Now in two weeks at the 400th episode of NXT they will battle. Our main event is next.

Kassius Ohno vs. Aleister Black

I literally have goosebumps every time Black’s music hits. Ohno is ready but Black will be a very tough opponent in this match. The entire arena is silent and focused on this match as these two play chess with one another. It’s amazing the way they have everyone so focused, I can not believe it. When they start to throw punches, not a one isn’t heard throughout the room. They have respect for each other because neither tries for a cheap shot. Ohno gets an outrageous boot in the corner and Black gets rattled a bit. Since Black has been in NXT he has never been in this kind of trouble. Ohno talks trash to Black and it pisses him off. A beautiful moonsault almost gives Black the win. A “both these guys” chant starts and they both push harder. Ohno tries his best to take the win but it frustrates him because Black just won’t give. Finally a rolling elbow misses but a black mass connects and Black wins.

Oh my this match was good! An in the ring back and forth slugfest with respect made this episode of NXT memorable.                    

Until next week!

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