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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Two Money in the Bank ladder matches. One with the men and for the first time in WWE history one with the women. We are in for a crazy ride tonight now let’s find out what happened!

First up, as with every pay per view, we have the pre show match….

The Hype Bros vs. The Colons

This is Zack Ryders first in ring match since December when he blew out his knee and had to have surgery. Mojo Rawley has had some singles popularity as of late but with a number one contendership won six months ago they want to grab at that brass ring. The Colons come to the ring first then the Hype Bros. Ryder and Epico start the match. Looking like he never left, Ryder takes down Epico. Tagging Rawley in he takes smacks across the chest from Epico then he does his football rolls. Ryder back in he kicks Primo and Epico both to the floor. Back in the ring Primo goes for Ryders knee. Seeing Ryder holding the knee, both the Colons try to take it out and keep him from tagging Rawley. Pin attempt after pin attempt, Epico can’t get the win so he locks up the knee again. Epico in again he works more on Ryder’s knee A missed suplex sets up Ryder for a neckbreaker on Epico and he gets the tag to Rawley. He hits an Overdrive but Primo stops the three count. Getting the bro kick in the corner sets up the Hype Driver and a win for the Hype Bros.

With the pre show over it’s time for the Money in the Bank pay per view!

Charlotte vs. Natalya vs. Tamina vs. Becky Lynch vs. Carmella (w/James Ellsworth) (Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match)

Our opening match is the first ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match. All 5 of these women are pumped and ready to climb the ladder and get that briefcase. The Welcoming Committee are all on there own in this match tonight. Everyone goes for a ladder right away. Tamina tries first with the ladder but Charlotte comes in and takes over. Tamina sets up a ladder in the corner and Natalya eats it. Setting up a ladder she throws it on Lynch. Charlotte, with a ladder, takes down Natalya. Lynch kicks a ladder on Tamina. Lynch and Natalya hit Tamina in the stomach with a ladder. Lynch gets slammed on a ladder by Natalya. Another ladder set up, Natalya goes for the case but Charlotte stops her with an electric chair drop. Charlotte gets stopped by Carmella. They punch each other at the top of the ladder until Tamina pushes it over. Natalya back in puts Lynch in a sharpshooter. Natalya gives Charlotte a butterfly suplex. Lynch heads up the ladder but Carmella gets involved. To weak to stand up a ladder, Carmella struggles. Charlotte again cleans house. Tamina and Charlotte fight back and forth on the ladder. All the women on the outside it looks like chaos. Charlotte hits a flip off the top rope to the floor. Lynch power bombs Carmella off the ladder. Ellsworth stops Lynch by pushing over the ladder. Then he climbs the ladder and gets the briefcase and tosses it down to Carmella. The refs argue about what Ellsworth did but the decision is final. Ellsworth announces that Carmella is the first ever Misses Money in the Bank.

A quick interview with Lana is next. She talks about her match tonight for the SDLive women’s championship with Naomi.

The New Day vs. The Usos (SDLive tag team champions) (championship match)

The New Day comes to the ring the same way they always do, with mic in hand and words to spit. Next up the Usos make their way to the ring. Kingston and Jimmy start things off. Kingston goes for an early pin but Jimmy tags in Jay and he ends up in the wrong corner. Big E tagged in, he tries for a pin but nothing. The Usos send Kingston over the top and he hits the floor super hard. Attacking him on the outside the Usos suplex Kingston into the ring post. Back inside Jimmy gets a headlock on tight. Tags back and forth let Jimmy and Jay stay fresh. Kingston struggles to get up but he gets drug back to the floor. Kingston gets a stomp on Jay and makes him tag. Big E gets a few suplexes to Jay but Jay gets a nice punch in. On the apron Big E spears Jimmy to the floor. Kingston misses a trouble in paradise. Jay kicks out of an S.O.S by Kingston. Superkick to Kingston Jay jumps off the top rope but Big E catches him. A few pin attempts by both teams don’t work out. Kingston dives outside to the floor on the Usos. Jimmy pulls Jay out of a pin from a midnight hour and they get themselves counted out on purpose so they can keep the titles.

Backstage we see Cowboy Bob Orton Jr. talking to Sgt. Slaughter.

Naomi (SDLive women’s champion) vs. Lana  (championship match)

This is Lana’s first match. We saw her get a nice move on Naomi on SDLive, but in an actual match…. I don’t know. The bell rings and everyone is ready to see what, or if, Lana can do. Naomi goes at Lana first. Lana gets some nice hair pulls. Lana gets out of the way of a cross body but she doesn’t get the pin. Lana kicks Naomi to the floor. Back in Lana tries a pin again. Lana gets a snap suplex and slams Naomi’s leg on the ropes. Lana goes for Naomi’s knee but Naomi gets an armbar. Naomi gets a few kicks to Lana’s head. Then hits her with a rearview. Naomi kicks out of Lana’s spinebuster. All of a sudden Carmella comes out but decides not to cash in her briefcase. Lana taps out to Naomi because of the confusion from Carmella. Carmella decides to keep her briefcase for another time. Naomi is still the SDLive women’s champion.

The Fashion Vice is next “ still haven’t found what we are looking for”. Miami Vice is the image Breezango went for on this episode. They get a VHS tape with someone calling them out to the ring tonight.

Maria and Mike Kanellis show up next. Finally after a long wait they show up tonight. But no “Bennett” last name.

Greg Gagne, Larry “the Axe” Henning, Baron VonRachski, Sgt.Slaughter, Cowboy Bob Orton Jr. and Ric Flair are all at ringside ready for the next match. (Harley Race couldn’t make it due to an injury)

Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal (WWE champion) (championship match)

This is the first time Mahal has defended his title since he won it at Backlash. Being in St.Louis, Randy Orton’s home town, Orton is extra ready to win back the title in front of his father on this father’s day. The arena erupts when Orton’s music hits. Orton has to watch out for the Singh Brothers so they don’t interfere in the match again. The bell rings and Orton attacks. He tries for an early RKO but Mahal rolls to the outside. Back in, Orton takes him down with a thesz press. Stomping on the feet of Mahal, Orton looks great early on. On the outside Orton slams Mahal on the announce table then throws him back in the ring. Orton tries for a DDT but Mahal sends him to the outside. Then Mahal attacks throwing Orton into the steel stairs. Back in again, Mahal focuses on Orton’s knee. Mahal gets his jumping knees on Orton’s chest. On the outside Orton slams Mahal on the guardrail in front of his father. Mahal slams Orton onto the announce table. Saving the count out Mahal throws Orton back in the ring. Then he goes for the knee again. Orton gets a falling slam and Mahal goes to the outside. Mahal plays to the crowd and Orton almost gets an RKO. Mahal points at Cowboy Bob Orton and puts Orton in a figure four. Orton rolls it over but Mahal grabs the ropes. Mahal is on his feet for most of the match while Orton stays on the mat. Trying a superplex, Orton stops it and gets one himself but can’t get the pin. Orton gets a DDT on Mahal. Then an RKO but one of the Singh Brothers puts Mahal’s foot on the rope to save him. The brothers get tossed out from ringside Before they leave they grab Orton’s father but Orton stops them He throws both of them on the announce table. Then RKO’s one through the table. He gets back in the ring and Mahal wins with a kallahs and keeps his title.

Breezango vs. The Ascension

Breezango comes to the ring ready to find out who was on the tape they got earlier. We find out it is the Ascension and they are ready for a fight.Breeze and Victor start the match and early on all four men go at it. Conner now in, he beats down Breeze. A double team keeps Breeze in the wrong corner of the ring. Conner gets a tight headlock on Breeze but Fandango gets the tag in and from the top rope takes down Victor. Conner hits him with a huge spinebuster. Breeze on the outside with Conner, Fandango gets the pin on Victor

Dolph Ziggler vs. A.J. Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin vs. Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens (U.S. champion) (Money in the Bank ladder match)

This year we have six men instead of the usual five so there will be much more action. As Nakamura was coming to the ring Corbin attacked him from behind taking him out. The match starts and everyone goes at each other. Owens takes down Zayn and Ziggler while Corbin attacks Styles. Ziggler and Corbin work together on Styles, they run him down with a ladder. Then Corbin takes out Ziggler. Ziggler superkicks Corbin. Zayn is in the ring alone until Owens takes his ladder. Styles gets Zayn from behind and lays him out. Corbin gives a Deep Six to Ziggler on the floor. Zayn bounces off the ropes onto Corbin. Styles pulls a ladder in the ring but gets a superkick from Owens. Then he hits Styles and Zayn with the ladder. Then he takes out Corbin and Ziggler too. Styles and Owens, in the ring, slug it out. Owens tries for a ladder but Zayn stops him. Owens decides to climb to the top but Zayn throws him onto a ladder. Getting a new ladder Zayn tries to set it up but Ziggler stops him and throws Zayn onto a ladder in the corner. Climbing the ladder Zayn stops Ziggler then gives him a blue thunder bomb. Styles and Corbin head to the top of a ladder but Ziggler Zig Zags Corbin off the ladder. Zayn does a sunset flip power bomb to Ziggler off the top of the ladder. Owens and Zayn fight on the apron and Zayn gives an overhead suplex to Owens and he lands on his neck bad. Zayn heads up the ladder but Styles takes it out. Corbin slams Styles on the announce table. Laying a ladder across the steps and table Corbin choke slams Styles on it. Zayn sets up another ladder but Owens stops him and kicks him in the balls. Styles stops Owens from getting the case. Styles does a fireman’s carry to Owens onto the ladder Corbin set up earlier. Styles gets to the case and Ziggler pulls the ladder away. Styles hangs from the chain but loses his grip and falls to the mat. Nakamura’s music hits and he comes to the ring and takes out Corbin. Nakamura gives Ziggler two kinshasas and then one to Zayn. Nakamura tries to get a ladder but Owens holds onto it. A kinshasa to Owens takes him down. Nakamura sets up the ladder and Styles is on the other side. They move the ladder out of the way and go at it. Nakamura gives Styles an exploder. Styles stops Nakamura from giving him a kinshasa. Styles gets the ladder in place and heads up. Nakamura heads up the other side. Corbin pushes the ladder over then climbs up and takes the briefcase. Corbin in Mr. Money in the Bank!

Some of the show was disappointing but some of it was amazing! Another blue brand pay per view in the history books. I can’t wait until Tuesday.

Until Then!


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