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By Josh Coulson @BristolBeadz

This week’s Raw preview starts right where last week’s show left off. The Hardy Boyz and Sheamus and Cesaro did battle in last Monday night’s main event for the Raw Tag Team Championships. Following all three falls of the 2 out of 3 falls match, it was the current champions Sheamus and Cesaro who emerged victorious, despite the fact the match technically ended in a draw. Rather than get another rematch at the titles, Matt and Jeff will have to earn their way back into a championship match, and apparently the beginning of that new journey will begin tonight.

Roman Reigns was suspiciously absent from last week’s Raw. All we were told was that The Big Dog would be returning to Raw this coming week with a big announcement detailing his plans for SummerSlam in two months time. What Roman has in mind is anybody’s guess. Many think he wants John Cena, some believe he could be making a bee line for The Beast, or maybe we’ll see Reigns interrupted by a returning Braun Strowman who is rumoured to already be ready to return from injury.

The highlight of last week’s Raw took place in the opening half an hour of the show. Samoa Joe proved to us all that he really doesn’t fear the Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar. The Destroyer dropped a head butt on the champ and an all out brawl ensued which required the whole locker room to stop the two tearing each other apart. Smart money says that Joe will be on Raw tonight, but whether Brock will be joining him is another question entirely. Will The Beast be so enraged by what happened last week that he turns up on Raw two weeks in a row, or will Joe have to demonstrate what he plans on doing to Lesnar on some other poor soul?

It feels like The Miz and Dean Ambrose have been feuding for an eternity. In all fairness considering their clashes on SmackDown Live before they were moved over to Raw, the pair have been at each other’s throats for an awful long time. At the moment the two seem to be getting one up on one another within the space of a three hour show. Miz causes Dean to lose, then later Dean dresses up and gets his revenge. Dollars to doughnuts we see The Lunatic ha to dress up again tonight in order to get one over on his arch rival once again.

Bray Wyatt has a habit of drifting between opponents, talking a lot of rubbish, then not being able to back it up. The latest recipient of this treatment from The Eater of Worlds seems to be Seth Rollins. Two weeks ago Bray cost Seth his match against Samoa Joe for not much reason at all, then when Wyatt attempted to explain it last week, it still didn’t really make much sense. Nevertheless The Architect came to the ring for some answers, only for Bray to cut the lights and disappear. Hopefully Rollins will get his hands on Wyatt tonight, and hopefully he’ll force him to actually give a good reason for tormenting him.

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