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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

We have Booker T with Renee on this episode. With the MITB pay per view just ending the discussion is about what just happened. Our first guest is SDLive women’s champion Naomi. She talks about her match with Lana and how tough she actually was and how no one thought she would have been that good in the ring. She says she was ready if Carmella would have actually cashed in her contract tonight. Naomi gave her glow bracelet to Booker T cause he needs more glow according to her. We get to see what Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon said on Twitter about the women’s MITB ladder match. In the middle of them talking the WWE champion Jinder Mahal walks on the set. He talks about how he embarressed Orton in front of his father and his home town. He also says that he will beat Ric Flair and Randy Orton’s championship title holds. Mahal also says he is not worried about Baron Corbin right now because he can’t be out worked by any body. While Mahal is talking, Corbin walks in and slams his case on the table and Mahal leaves. They talk about the match tonight and he will cash in when he’s ready. He enjoys the threat alone that people better watch. With Talking Smack over we have a great week to look forward to for the blue brand (and red brand).  

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