WWE Main Event Review, 16/6/17


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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Kurt Hawkins vs. Curtis Axel

It’s Mr. Main Event again. Hawkins is ready for action, “Let’s Face the Facts”. Last week Hawkins faced a former tag partner in Bo Dallas, this week he faces another former tag partner in Axel. Showboating to much let’s Axel take him down right away. Shoulder blocks let’s Axel get the upper hand. A clothesline almost gets Axel the win. Hawkins gets a huge hit to the back of the neck of Axel. Getting the crowd behind him, Axel does his best to stop Hawkins from getting the win as he has him in a headlock in the middle of the ring. Axel gets momentum and wins the match with a Perfect Plex.

We get a look at the Hardy Boys and Sheamus & Cesaro’s rivalry. We also see what Bray Wyatt did the past couple of weeks to Seth Rollins.

Gran Metalik vs. Aria Daivari

It’s time for cruiserweight action on this episode. Metalik is in the ring awaiting his opponent. Daivari starts with a push but Metalik takes him down quick. A headlock let’s Daivari think he has an upper hand but a hip toss and a bounce off the ropes let’s Metalik get a quick takedown. Off the top ropes Metalik gets a cross body. Daivari throws Metalik into the corner head first. A hunacanrana to the floor over the top rope lays both men out. Back in the ring Metalik, off the top rope again with a flying elbow. Daivari tries to take the mask off of Metalik and wins with a hammerlock lariat.

A look at the fight between Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar and what Joe did to Paul Heyman on RAW finishes out the episode. Another great show and another great week of WWE in the books.

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