WWE Round-Up 15th June 2017

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames

I for one find keeping up with weekly WWE programming very exhausting. Between RAW, SD, 205Live & NXT there is 7 hours of programming, and that’s before you even go through what the Network has to offer. I have decided to consolidate the best moments from each show into a weekly highlights round up, I’m ignoring the bad and just focusing and the best bits. Enjoy.


Brock Lesnar/Samoa Joe Brawl!

Miz & The Bear

Samoa Joe Ain’t Nothing To Mess With

Rebuilding Bayley


Mojo get’s serious

Randy Orton makes a maRKO


TJP vs Akira Tozawa


AOP Dominate

*NEW* Special highlight of the Week

Get up close and personal with Samoa Joe & Brock Lesnar!

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