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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Another wednesday night, 8pm, it’s time for NXT action! This week should be amazing so let’s see what happened.

Drew McIntyre vs. Rob Ryzin

McIntyre shows his dominance by kicking Ryzin early in the match. Ryzin got in a good superkick but it stalled McIntyre only for a moment. A tossing suplex sends Ryzin across the ring. McIntyre gets a nice elbow off the top rope knocking Ryzin silly. Ending up outside the ring McIntyre throws him back in the ring and wins with a flying boot.

Authors of Pain (NXT tag team champions) vs. Jobber tag team

Akam starts off the match destroying both of these men. Rezar does nothing at all. Akam tosses one of them all the way to the ramp and pins the other in less than a minute. After the bell A.O.P hit the Super Collider. Microphone in hand Paul Ellering tells Heavy Machinery that they are not ever a footnote in the book of pain. Heavy Machinery come to the ring and get in the faces of A.O.P. but Ellering call off his boys and they leave.

Velveteen Dream vs. Raul Mendoz

Already in the ring is Mendoza. He participated in the Cruiserweight Classic last year and now he’s trying his luck in the NXT ring. Dream, playing to the crowd, gets an early dominance. Mendoza flips around the ring and gets a huge kick on Dream. Dream answers with aggression in the corner smacking Mendoza down. A few double axe handles and a modified death valley driver keeps Mendoza on the ground. Dream face plants Mendoza then goes to the top rope and hits a flying elbow for the win.

An interview with Kassius Ohno about what happened between him and Hideo Itami last week is next. Ohno announces that he will show his toughness next week in the ring against Aleister Black. Also Ember Moon will take on Peyton Royce next week.

Nikki Cross vs. Ruby Riot vs. Asuka (NXT women’s champion) (Elimination championship match)

Cross crawls in the ring first looking like an animal. Riot follows in next and then the champion Asuka. 438 days as champion it looks like she will never be beat. All three women go at it hard with dropkicks and punches. A double team sends Asuka to the floor. Cross and Riot tear each other apart and Cross ends up on the outside. Back from a quick commercial we have Asuka and Riot goin at it until Riot takes down the champ and Cross comes back in. Asuka saves the first pin attempt by Riot on Cross. Kicking Riot in the face Asuka gets too close to the ropes and Cross pulls her out. Riot dives onto both of them. Asuka misses a dropkick from the top rope. She rolls to the floor and we end up with Riot and Cross in the ring again. A spinning neckbreaker to Riot by Cross allows the first elimination.Down to Cross and Asuka the two throw forearms at each other like mad. Kicking Cross Asuka gets the upper hand. A hip attack off the apron to Cross sends the action up the ramp. The ref tries to get them back to the ring but can not so he calls a no contest. The two women destroy each other backstage. Asuka gets dunked in a ice cooler full of water. Back in the arena they end up in the tech area. On top of the tech table Cross dives on Asuka sending her to the floor through a table. The madness ends and so does the show.

I so very much enjoyed tonight’s episode especially the triple threat main event. I had a feeling that it was gonna get crazy and it did not disappoint whatsoever. Now next week is gonna be even better and i can’t wait.      

Until then!

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