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By Josh Coulson @BristolBeadz

Last week Samoa Joe did enough by choking out Paul Heyman to summon The Beast, Brock Lesnar to come to Raw this week. Just when you thought it would be an agonising three hour wait for the Universal Champion, out comes Brock with Heyman in tow to open proceedings. Clearly being wrapped in The Destroyer’s Coquina Clutch didn’t do Paul any permanent damage as he was in fine form with a mic in his hand. Choking out Heyman wasn’t the only thing Joe did last week, Brock’s next challenger also made sure that everyone knew he does not fear Lesnar. Well he certainly proved that on Monday night. After letting Paul run his mouth for a few minutes, Joe had eventually heard enough and marched down to the ring looking in the mood for a fight, and that’s what he got. The Samoan Submission Machine and The Beast clashed in the ring as Kurt Angle emerged with security to try and tear the two apart. No such luck, and it took most of the locker room to keep the new foes off of each other. Joe even managed to plant a Super Kick on the champ after shaking the Superstars attempting to hold him back. A truly explosive start to Monday night Raw.

We then went from the incredible high of a well orchestrated pull apart to the unbelievable low of an Elias Samson solo performance. Lucky for us, and in particular those in attendance, Samson’s pretty offensive ode to Louisiana was cut short by an interrupting Dean Ambrose. The two of them proceeded to have the match that they were due to have last week. Samson seems to be having the time of his life on Raw compared to his stay in NXT. The Drifter managed to pick up yet another win this week, and against a former WWE Champion no less! He may have needed a helping and distracting hand from The Miz but still, not the impact I was expecting from a man I honestly thought would never be on the main roster.

Goldust’s in ring ability was never in any doubt despite how long he has been with the company. What Goldie continues to prove is that his promo work is also still as good as ever. The former Intercontinental Champion delivered another one of his movie fuelled warnings to R-Truth this week and Truth was again replied in kind as the pair continue to take shots at each other in a build to a match between them somewhere down the line.

Cedric Alexander recently made his return to 205 Live, and on Raw this week he also made his return to Monday nights. First up on his agenda, beating a Noam Dar who couldn’t seem to tear himself away from FaceTiming Alicia Fox. In fact Foxy was still on the line after Noam’s match, although it was only a few seconds long. Cedric hit Dar with the Lumbar Check for the win as soon as the bell rang with The Scot clearly still thinking about his girlfriend.

Last week for some reason Bray Wyatt played a helping hand in Samoa Joe defeating Seth Rollins in Raw’s main event, so this week we wanted an explanation. Turns out that The Eater of Worlds was simply upset at Seth referring to him as a false prophet. Clearly it doesn’t take much to wind Wyatt up. After Bray’s little speech The Architect decided to come to the ring and tell Wyatt that if he wanted a fight, he’s right here! Unsurprisingly Bray didn’t want to do battle on Monday night, and after Rollins had said his piece he used his smoke and mirrors to disappear from the ring before appearing on the titantron to declare that even though Seth is a Kingslayer, he can’t kill a God.

The Titus Brand story line continued in much the same vain once again this week. Kalisto and Apollo Crews once again went one on one with potential new addition to the brand, Akira Tozawa, watching from the front row. The cruiserweight may have actually been impressed this week though as Crews picked up a victory over the luchador. That being said Akira looked more confused than pleased when Titus ushered him into the ring for a selfie with himself and the victor.

After promising Nia Jax a Raw Women’s Championship match, Alexa Bliss had to pay up last week on Raw. Well when the champ got in the ring with Jax she soon realised what a mistake making that promise was and used underhand tactics to get Nia disqualified. Well this week Nia was on the war path and Bliss had to try and talk herself out of a whole. Well much like SmackDown Live, it would appear that every woman on the roster wants a piece of the pie as Mickie James, Dana Brooke, a returning Emma, and Sasha Banks joined the festivities. Six woman tag anyone? It was always going to happen. Alexa, Nia and Emma teamed up to take on Mickie, Dana and Sasha. It was a pretty even ordeal until Bliss decided she’d had enough and made her way back to the locker room, leaving her team with the odds stacked against them. Subsequently Team Bliss wound up losing after Emma was forced to tap to the Banks Statement.

Even when Bayley had the Raw Women’s Championship she wasn’t really having that much of an impact on WWE. The former champ needs a boost and a game plan and it looks like that long road might have begun this week on Raw. Bayley had a sit down interview with Corey Graves and Bayley outlined her plans to win back the championship. Not sure whether it was a step in the right direction or not, although the awkward request for a hug to end the interview certainly was not.

Earlier in the evening The Miz attempted to recruit Heath Slater to be his new tag team partner. Well Heath’s current partner, Rhyno, sent The A Lister packing after challenging him to a tag match with him and Slater if he could find a partner. Well he couldn’t find a partner, that was until a man dressed in the same bear costume as the one Miz assaulted last week emerged to lend a helping hand. Miz, clearly believing the same thing he did last week, eventually turned on his own partner and pulled off his mask only to reveal that once again, it was not Dean Ambrose. Cue a switcheroo while the bear was down and what turned out to be a new bear joined the match, only this one clearly was Dean as he delivered a Dirty Deeds to Slater, then one to The Miz who didn’t believe Maryse when she told him the bears had switched. The Lunatic then dragged Heath onto Miz so he and Rhyno could pick up the win and Ambrose placed the head of his bear costume on Miz before taking his leave.

Neville is without a doubt the most formidable force in the cruiserweight division right now. No one seems to be able to take his title or to be on the Neville Level. On Raw The King of the Cruiserweights was due to have a match with the man he took his championship from all the way back in January, Rich Swann. The match never took place though as Neville attacked Swann before the bell rang and proceeded to apply the Rings of Saturn. Whoever is in charge of changing the ropes from red to purple and back again will probably have been muttering something under their breath about Vince McMahon considering the brevity of this segment plus the Alexander versus Dar match earlier in the night. Neville did stick around long enough to warn Akira Tozawa away from him and his title after Titus O Neil tweeted earlier in the day that his potential new client had his sights set on the gold.

Enzo and Cass were due to do battle with Gallows and Anderson again this week, but yet again the mystery attacker struck and Cass was mysteriously laid out back stage. He refused to let that stop him this week though and insisted on still making his way to the ring despite clearly not being 100%. It was as bad an idea as it first appeared. As soon as Cass was sent careening from the ring Enzo was left all alone. A beat down and Magic Killer later and it was the Good Brothers getting their arms raised. The beating continued though and if it hadn’t have been for Big Show making the save, Amore could have been in a lot of trouble. Problem is when Cass came to it probably looked a bit suspicious as Show was propping up his partner in the ring. Enzo followed Show back stage and asked if he had anything to do with the attacks, something the veteran didn’t take too kindly to after helping Amore two weeks in a row now.

As advertised throughout the show, Matt and Jeff Hardy had the chance to win back the Raw Tag Team Championships on Monday night in a 2 out of 3 falls match against Sheamus and Cesaro. An innovative Brogue Kick very early in the match put the champions a fall to the good, and based on that it was lucky for The Hardy Boyz that the match wasn’t just one and done. It then didn’t take long for the second fall either, and luckily it was Matt picking it up after a Twist of Fate on Cesaro to level things up and take the match into a sudden death situation. Needless to say all four men found a little more in their tank to make sure the final fall wasn’t earned as quickly as the first two. In fact the third and final fall ended in confusion as all four men were outside the ring which resulted in a double count out. Just when you thought the long term rivalry between these two teams was going to come to a close, it appears that their feud is not over yet and you’ve to imagine that an ending like that will only mean another title shot in the not so distant future for Matt and Jeff.

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