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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

It’s going down again! Wednesday night, 8pm, the most exciting hour of the week on the WWE network. Let’s find out what took place….

Heavy Machinery vs. Victor Andrews & Lars Sullivan

It looks like some developmentals are gonna try to make a name for themselves, but Knight and Dozovic  are a super tuff team. Sullivan is about as big as Knight. He got a few slams on Knight which is not usual to see. Andrews, on the other hand, got tossed around like a ragdoll by Dozovic. Heavy Machinery wins the match with the compactor on Andrews. Sullivan didn’t take the loss to well so he attacked Andrews after the match.

A quick look at Sanity after the match from last week between them and Roderick Strong and Kassius Ohno when NoWay Jose ran in to help.

Roderick Strong comes to the ring to address the NXT universe. His new focus is the NXT championship. The NXT champion Bobby Roode interrupts with a fake cry and tells Strong he’s just not good enough to be champ. We see Nikki Cross on the roof freaking out about Auska and Ruby Riot. A triple threat match between the three women is scheduled for next week.

Sarah Logan vs. Peyton Royce (w) Billie Kay

Another developmental getting her chance to make a name tonight. Royce, with her experience, will do what she can to stop her. A huge leg to the face and a double suplex into a fireman’s carry slam slows down Logan, but only for a moment. Logan gets momentum pounding on Royce. When it looks like she may win the match, Royce gets another kick and she takes out Logan with a fisherman’s suplex 1,2,3.

We see Andrade Cien Almas, after his loss last week, with a bunch of ladies. A lone woman steps in and slaps Almas across the face.

Hideo Itami vs. Oney Lorcan

Now this match should be a hard hitting knockdown dragout between these two men. Lorcan has some of the greatest toughness in the entire roster of NXT. Itami gets the starting blows, but Lorcan comes right back with it. A running blockbuster takes down Itami. He kicks the hell out of Lorcan on the apron. Running uppercuts to Itami sends him outside and Lorcan flies off the top rope with a front flip to the outside knocking Itami down. Back in the ring, the Go To Sleep knocks out Lorcan but Itami decides to hit him with three of them in a row. Kassius Ohno comes to the ring to stop Itami and takes him down with a forearm. The ref throws the match out.

Drew McIntyre will be back in action next week. Also Ember Moon is officially medically cleared to return to action and shes ready for a fight.

No Way Jose vs. Killian Dain (w) Sanity

This is Jose’s first match in two months since he got attacked by Sanity on Wrestlemania weekend. He is ready for revenge. The “Beast of Belfast” is ready too and he has Sanity in his corner, so we thought, Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe decide to leave ringside before the match starts, completely not normal to say the least, It’s not like he needs them anyway. The entire Full Sail arena chant for Jose but if he lets it go to his head he will lose for sure. Dain uses his strength to control the action. A “Fuzzy Wuzzy” chant starts and that makes Dain even more mad. He tries to twist Jose’s head off in the middle of the squared circle. Trying to feed off the universe doesn’t quite work for Jose. Dain slams him and gets the neck again. A TKO almost finishes Dain but back to his feet he dropkicks Jose to the corner. The big guy wins the match with an Ulster Plantation. Maybe next time Jose.

Of course another week of amazing action and the set up for next week looks like it will be just as amazing.

Until Then!

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