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By Luke Dorsch @Luke_Dorsch

Frontier Field House in Chicago Ridge, Illinois

On Saturday 3 June 2017 Ring of Honor returned to the Chicago area for a two episode television taping in addition to a Video-On-Demand show that should be made available in the very near future.

Television Taping Results

Episode 1

This is Chicago so you know 1/3 of the Second City Saints is in the house, Colt Cabana receives a great ovation from his hometown fans, as he and Ian Riccaboni are on commentary for the evening.

Match 1

Jonathan Gresham vs Flip Gordon

Two really solid wrestlers that should have place for advancement in the company with so many of the top slots currently open, now is the time to make a statement. Both guys are really good and enjoyable, this will be a good TV match. Gresham gets submission with the “octopus stretch”, and post-match Alex Shelly from the MCMG comes out and essentially puts over both performers and congratulates Flip on his Ring of Honor contract.

The 2017 “Top Prospect” Winner Josh Woods has an interview where he criticizes newly crowned ROH Television Champion KUSHIDA for being in Japan and competing in the BOSJ as opposed to defending his title on ROH TV. He is asking to be the next in line for a shot at the strap, and since KUSHIDA is in Japan…he calls out Jay Briscoe.

Match 2

“The Last Real Man” Silas Young vs Bobby Fish

Another hometown favorite in the Chicago area, Silas Young is a staple of mid-western U.S. independent scene, essentially carrying AAW thru their tumultuous period so Silas gets love in Chicago. I saw these two very recently and was very impressed, lately it seems that they’re both at their best when they’re working together. This is a good match, but Bobby Fish’s losing streak continues, and after he loses via pinfall, he starts throwing chairs around the ringside area in frustration.

Match 3

Punishment Martinez vs Jay White

ROH has been building up to another singles match with these two after they performed so well at the War of the Worlds Tour, Jay White may be Ring of Honor’s diamond in the rough. He’s not afraid to take chances and exchange stiff strikes with …anyone it seems. Jay White gets another pinfall victory over the big man, and after the match Martinez power bomb’s Jay White into the barricade.

Cody comes out to always a good response and he cuts another in-ring promo on the ROH World Champion…of the world, Christopher Daniels but just as the American Nightmare gets going, the house lights dim and the World Champ is behind him in the ring and the two just start fighting all over the ringside area until security has to separate the two. They fight thru the initial security presence and Cody hits the disaster kick and is looking for the “Cross Rhodes” but Daniels escapes and they brawl to the arena floor until they are finally separated by ROH security.

Episode 2

Match 1

Jay Briscoe vs Josh Woods

Ring of Honor fans don’t quite know what to make of Josh Woods yet, he is, as they say, a blue chipper. As I’ve stated before, he is a natural athlete with legitimate combat sports credentials, he just needs time to develop his style. Due to Woods’ words regarding the always popular KUSHIDA, and then calling out Jay Briscoe who is beloved by ROH fans, the audience didn’t really know if Josh Woods was cutting a heel promo, or really what he’s about. So, the match didn’t generate a lot of crowd interest. The finish comes when Jay Briscoe hits the “Jay Driller” on Woods, and post-match Briscoe refuses the code of honor.

Match 2

Coast to Coast vs The Tempura Boyz

Before the match starts, the crowd erupts when the reigning and defending ROH Tag Team Champions’ music hits and Chicago welcomes the Young Bucks as they issue an open challenge to both teams and offer to make it a “Tornado Three Way” match for the titles. This seemingly brought the crowd back to life, and it was a fantastic triple threat Young Bucks match. The finish comes when the Bucks hit a double indy-taker and get the pin.

Video on Demand Results:

Match 1

Jay Lethal vs Caprice Coleman

The leader of the heel faction The Rebellion enters the ring and just goes on and on, for a seemingly lengthy period of time before Jay Lethal interrupts him. Coleman is a good wrestler with limited opportunities so a match with Jay Lethal could help him gain the trajectory he’s been missing. They work well together and put on a very good match. After several attempts at the “Lethal Injection” Jay finally hits his finisher for the victory.

Match 2

Bully Ray vs Matt Taven (Street Fight)

The Kingdom come to the ring and cut a pre-match promo which Bully interrupts and explains to Taven that the Chicago fans don’t really want to witness a “wrestling match”, what they’re here for is something a bit more hardcore. This is prototypical of a ROH Bully Ray match, where he uses gimmicks and table spots to get thru the match. I don’t mean to sound overly critical but I watch a lot of ROH, and I’m not into this anymore. Table, table, Bully Bomb….and a referee “Whassssup spot”.

After the carnage there is someone trying to sweep up the wreckage from the broken tables when the crowd gives him a “too sweep” chant. Pretty awesome. The Kingdom didn’t appreciate the humor so they attacked the guy and got some heat by claiming they’d rather be back in Milwaukee, which prompts Colt Cabana to vacate the commentary table and go get in his ring gear…which leads to…..

Match 3

Colt Cabana vs Vinny Marseglia

This is a Colt Cabana Ring of Honor match, where he makes his opponent look stupid, and hits his signature stuff. The crowd loves Boom Boom, so they’re into all the spots. Essentially, Colt destroys him.

Match 4

Dalton Castle & The Boys vs The Rebellion

Kenny King, Shane Taylor, and Rhett Titus represented The Rebellion and the match started with some comedic spots with Dalton and the Boys, and all six men put on a really fun little match. Out of nowhere for some reason, Jay Briscoe attacked The Boys, I don’t know what’s up, but with this attack on the Boys and the subsequent brawl to the back with Dalton Castle which of course cost Dalton and his boys the match, in addition to his treatment of Josh Woods earlier it almost seems as if Jay Briscoe may be turning heel. Caprice Coleman comes back post-match and helps his teammates destroy The Boys even further, which prompts the MCMG/Search and Destroy to come and make the save.

Match 5

ROH World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks vs Cheeseburger and Will Ferrera

The Young Bucks were the proverbial shot in the arm to get everyone motivated once again, this was another good match, as it’s almost impossible for the Bucks to have a bad one at this point. They’re so beyond “over” it’s ridiculous. The Bucks hit the Meltzer Driver on Ferrera who finally turns heel on Cheeseburger which they’ve been trying to set up on ROH TV for a while now.

Match 6

The Addiction (Daniels & Kazarian) vs The Bullet Club (Cody & Hangman Page)

This was the final match of a very, very long show. Cody was getting heat with the crowd almost to keep people invested in the match, because the crowd had grown a bit lethargic. Kaz and Daniels work good tag team wrestling, and it was a nice little tag match with some of the promotion’s top guys to close off the show. The ROH World Champion….of the World hit the BME Driver on Hangman to pick up the win.

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